A New Application to Be Taken to the History of Public Transportation in Ordu

The first time in Ordu, ayı Modern Transit in Transit Project ehir was launched and the Metropolitan Municipality started work to put into practice a new history. Together with the Second Stage Public Transportation Project, the cooperatives 2 No Long, 33 Star, 61 No. Eskipazar and 110 Karacaömer cooperatives will be gathered under a single roof and the citizens will be provided with a modern and comfortable transportation. With this important step taken before the Army City Hospital with 900 bed, which is planned to be built on the route, scalpels will be hit on problems in public transportation in the region.

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Enver Yılmaz met with the members and members of 2 No. Uzunisa, 33 No Star, 61 No. 1 Eskipazar and 110 Karacaömer cooperatives in the Municipal Assembly Hall. Cooperative Presidents and Members, who stated that they wanted to move to the Modern Transformation Project in Public Transportation, thanked President Enver Yılmaz about the project implemented in the city center.


After the speeches of the Co-operative Presidents and members, the President Yilmaz, Altınordu City Center 19 Republic-Right, 18 No. Kubukent and 17 Dolmuşçular cooperatives after the transformation work carried out with the merger, the happiness of the citizens and tradesmen said. President Enver Yılmaz said, lik After we announced the Public Transport Project in Ordu, there was an uneasiness in our tradesmen. After the system was put into practice, our brothers and sisters saw the correct decision. Seeing the pros of a project made right, it is a joy to see Uzunisa, Eskipazar, Karacaömer and Star Cooperatives want to be included in the system. Doğru

FOUR COOPERATIVE will provide service under a single roof

Stating that the four cooperatives will be able to serve under one roof and be very efficient in terms of tradesmen and citizens, Mayor Yilmaz said, hizmet Ordu City Hospital will be put into service in a short time on the route. With the introduction of the city hospital, there will be intense passenger circulation in the region. Together with our transformation project, the vehicles suitable for the use of new and disabled brothers will serve in the region. When the total 113 vehicle falls to 38, our tradesmen will both win and contribute to the traffic density, Toplam he said.


President Enver Yılmaz stated that the acquired rights of the tradesmen included in the Modern Transformation Project in Public Transportation will be preserved. Ordu When we met with our chauffeur shopkeepers before 2014 Local Elections, we said that we would pass to the Public Transportation Project in Ordu and protect their rights until the end. We kept our promise with the application we made in the first place. We have met our army with a modern and comfortable public transportation project and we have preserved the vested rights of all our tradesmen. Our public transportation project, which is very important for our army, will be beneficial for our tradesmen and fellow citizens Ordu.



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