Cargo Train Collides with Acid Tanker in Kütahya 1 Injured

In Tavsanli district of Kütahya, a freight train collided with an acid tanker crossing the level crossing. The driver of the tanker, Ahmet Bilal, was injured in the accident.

The incident occurred yesterday evening in Moymul Plain, about 4 kilometers from the center of Tavsanli district of Kutahya. The freight train hit the empty acid tanker used by Ahmet Bilal, who was passing through the level crossing. The tanker driver Ahmet Bilal, who was injured in the accident, was transferred to the scene of the accident with the ambulance from Tavsanli Assoc. Mustafa was removed from Kalemli State Hospital. It was stated that the health of the tanker driver who was being treated was good. An investigation into the accident was launched.

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