The Work to End the Traffic Congestion on the TEM Highway

The end of the work initiated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to finish the traffic congestion on the TEM highway Metris junction.

Road expansion bridge legs construction started three months ago was completed. When the bridge construction is completed, the connection to Gaziosmanpaşa and Sultangazi districts will be provided without causing traffic jams.

In order to complete the bridge, bridge beams will be placed and paved. The entrance to the town of Gaziosmanpaşa and the construction of the 4,5 kilometer side road was completed. 120 meters long 15 meter wide vehicle turn bridge will be built on the last stage TEM Motorway.

In this context, in order to be able to assemble prefabricated bridge beams;

17 July 2018 00: 00-06: 00: The direction of Ankara between the hours of XNUMX (Monday to Tuesday night),
18 2018 00: 00: 06: 00: XNUMX (Tuesday through Tuesday) The road to Edirne in the direction of beams to be placed in the narrowing of the road, traffic will be provided by dividing the road in the opposite direction.
In both days, traffic will be provided by a divided road in the open direction.

Since the road narrowing will be given in a traffic controlled way, drivers should be careful to comply with traffic signs and markers.

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