A Plus University City Title to Izmir from University Students

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has received the AAA grade from international credit rating agencies, received an A + grade from university students this time. In the lent Student Friendly Cities r survey conducted by the University Research Laboratory in 81 province, İzmir was evaluated at the tarafından A Plus at level which met the expectations of the students at the highest level.

University Research Laboratory (Unior) made by the university students in Turkey and offers a broad perspective on the university experience "to Turkey University Satisfaction Survey" (Tuma) was marked Izmir. With the significant impact of the practices carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on the way of “being a university city”, İzmir received the title of “A Plus University City” which meets the expectations of the students at the highest level in the Student Friendly University Cities (ÖDÜŞ) survey, in which university students in 81 cities participated.

A Plus: Very high satisfaction
understand their experiences and satisfaction of students studying at undergraduate level in Turkey, prepared for the purpose of Odus Report was published in 2018. Professor Dr. Engin Karadağ and Prof. Dr. Cemil founded by Yucel University Research Laboratory (UNICE) inside, covered by Turkey Student-Friendly University Student Satisfaction Survey explored the city. Research data was obtained from 81 students studying at 109 universities, 63 states and 172 foundations in 26 cities. In the research, the satisfaction of the students in the city where they were educated was measured in terms of transportation opportunities of the cities, feeling safe in the city, entertainment-culture-art, sports, relations with tradesmen, public attitude towards students, travel, social, artistic and cultural activities and the solution of health problems.

The notes of the cities are “A +” under the headings of “Very High Satisfaction Cities”, “High Satisfaction Cities”, “Cities with Satisfaction Satisfaction”, “Cities That Cannot Get Full Satisfaction”, “Cities With High Satisfaction Low” Were determined by the letter scores "A", "B", "C", "D" and "FF". The 5 cities selected A + (A Plus) were Antalya, İzmir, Eskişe hir, Edi rne and Muğla, respectively.

90 minutes advantage in transportation
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's work on making the university city of Izmir, students received full marks. Why did the students choose Izmir? Here are the main topics:
Izmir, a modern city, reflects this feature to its lifestyle. Izmir is a place where students are very comfortable especially in transportation. The fact that the “90 minutes free travel with one ticket” application is only in İzmir, is a great advantage especially for students. In İzmir, young people can have a pleasant and quality time with the culture and art activities of the Metropolitan Municipality. The new university students, who came to the city, are welcomed and informed by the teams formed by the Metropolitan Municipality and they are provided with access to their schools and dormitories. University students become more active with the public by taking an active role in the social projects of Metropolitan; takes on social responsibility. But above all, İzmir's tolerant climate.

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