TÜRSİD Rail System Electrical-Electronic Facilities Commission Meeting was held in Samsun

All Railway Systems Operators Association (TÜRSİD) Electrical and Electronic Facilities Commission IX. 12-13 was held in Samsun on July 2018 hosted by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ

Technical and social meetings were organized on the first day and technical and informative meetings were held on the first day of the meeting in Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Konya, Antalya, Kocaeli and Kayseri. Meeting TÜRSİD Electrical and Electronic Facilities 2. Chairman of the Term Commission Kayseri Transportation Inc. Started with the opening speech of the Workshop Manager Olcay Adıyaman.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ A.Ş. Ziya Kalafat, who has been serving as the Deputy General Manager and the President of TÜRSİD Vehicle Commission, made a speech on the first day of the meeting.


Following the opening speeches at the meeting, which started on the first day at 09.00, Samsun promotional film was shown to the representatives of the rail system participating in the meeting. In the information presentations made by enterprises, the innovations and developments in rail systems were mentioned. The companies shared their innovation, R & D and Innovation activities with the representatives of other rail system operators in the last six months. Information and presentation of Transformer Comparisons, Fire Alarm Systems, which are sub-working groups of TÜRSİD Electrical-Electronics Facilities Commission, are provided by Bursa Transport Inc. (BURULAŞ) Power Supplies and Catenary Maintenance Engineer Ali Osman Sarnık, Medium Voltage in Railway Systems (MV) and DC (DC) Simulation and Modeling of information and presentation about the Electrical Chief Furkan Karakus from Metro Istanbul Inc. and finally Scissor Signal Maintenance and Design Criteria SAMULAS Electronic Systems Maintenance Chief Eda Arlı'nin information after the presentation lunch break.


In the first part of the meeting of the Commission of TÜRSİD Electrical and Electronic Facilities, information and presentations on New Technologies in Rail Systems are provided. .S. Workshop Director Olcay Adıyaman made. After a short break, Kayseri Taşıma A.Ş. Electricity Catenary Chief Huzeyfe Kara made Kayseri Transportation Inc. Following the presentation of the Greenhouse Gas Report, 3.Dönem Presidential election was held. TÜRSİD Electrical-Electronic Plants Commission 3. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality as the only candidate for the term presidential election SAMULAŞ A.Ş. Air Line and Transformer Maintenance Chief Saygın Önder Akal was selected. Akal will be assisted by Bursa Transport Corp. (BURULAŞ) Power Supplies and Catenary Maintenance Engineer Ali Osman Sarnık, while the commission secretary will be Eda Arlı, Electronic Systems Maintenance Chief of SAMULAŞ.


After the election of the Presidency of the Commission, it was decided to continue the work of the previously established Scissor Signal Maintenance and Design Criteria sub-committee. In order to work on ve Energy Performance Contract leşme in order to reduce the investment and energy costs of the enterprises in the meeting, to conduct studies on “Fiber Optic Communication Problems and Solutions enerji in order to produce solutions for information sharing, benchmarking and breakdown issues among the Rail System Enterprises. To create a standard of care in catenary systems, sub-study groups have been formed to carry out studies on 'Kataner Systems Maintenance and Equipment'.


At the next meeting of the TÜRSİD Electrical-Electronics Facilities Commission, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Park A.Ş. and Metro İstanbul A.Ş. was nominated. Following the evaluation and consultations to be made, the meeting and meeting date of X. TÜRSİD Electric-Electronic Facilities Commission meeting will be determined.


On the second day of the meeting, a technical tour of SAMULAŞ Maintenance Workshop and Warehouse Area and Light Rail System Line was held within the scope of technical and tourism trips. SAMULAŞ Inc. Maintenance areas in the Traffic Control Center and Maintenance-Repair Workshop, maintenance areas, trams and trolley washing areas, maintenance of the substation, systems and communication systems of the server room were examined.


On the evening of the first day, the members of the commission meeting at the Amisos Hill Cafe and Restaurant in Samsun Metropolitan Municipality visited the cable car facilities operated by SAMULAŞ and the Amisos Hill and they watched the magnificent night view of Samsun, Atakum and Batıpark. On the second day, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality City Museum, Bandırma Ferry and Kurtuluş Pier were visited. After the lunch in Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Sevgi Kafe, a trip was made to Batıpark Amazon Village and the commemorative photograph taken in Amazon Village and the meeting of TURSİD Electric-Electronic Facilities Commission in Samsun ended.

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