Around Bursa, Turkey Kemal Demirel hopeful Train Action Builds

1991 was the year olarak Kemal Demirel took the floor as a member of SHP Group at the Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting and he saw Uludağ as isi Bursalılar… on postcards. Let's take 1 days on the ropeways to the public day and get it free, and everyone living in Bursa should see Uludağ N.

Proposal'n The ruling party of the term DYP's Group SözcüAli Akman is also a good idea, but not free right, but let's make a discount of 50%.

After that…

Kemal Demirel, who was elected as CHP Bursa deputy in 2002, traveled throughout Anatolia in the 2 period in which he was a member of parliament and he made movements and organized even walks.

Today, at the point reached, it maintains the hope of Bursa's fast train, but it has some requests:

Enek Without the separation of the party, all of the deputies of Bursa should come together and put pressure on the President of the Republic of Turkey, the Minister of Transportation, and even the Parliamentary Budget Commission, and adequate funding should be provided. “

He added

Yet Only the Ankara leg is not enough. Towards the end of the 2019, the urban dynamics of Bursa should take action and make the necessary efforts to complete the project and reach the train. X

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