Description of the Turkish Railway-Corps Train Accident in Çorlu

Turkish Transport-Sen President Mustafa Nurullah Albayrak stated that they condemned the workers to turn the accident into union propaganda after the train accident in Çorlu and stated that they would never turn this incident into a union propaganda and they would not respond to the false claims made by the translators.

The statement of President Albayrak is as follows;

As it is known, 08 2018 hour 17.00'da, Uzunköprü- Halkalı 362 passenger and 6 personnel, 5 passenger car, Xanx car in the Sarilar district of Tekirdag Çorlu derailed the 24 wagon as a result of derailment 318 citizens lost their lives, XNUMX citizens were injured. We wish God's mercy to our citizens who lost their lives in this sad accident and wish a speedy recovery to our wounded citizens.

As soon as we received the news of the accident by our Headquarters, the Chairman of the Branch, Öztürk ÇINAR, was assigned to the scene of the accident and informed about the route in question.

Two hours after the time of the accident, the hour 19: 00'da transfer to the region where the head of the Branch Öztürk ÇINAR, during his time there, developments in our Headquarters visually and in writing, we informed the wounded, has helped the wounded, in the morning 04: 00 ' In addition, the injured train personnel brought to Istanbul and brought him to the hospital.

The reasons for this accident, which has negatively affected the prestige of the railway transportation which is the safest transportation way and cost the lives of our 24 citizens, should be investigated by the relevant institutions and organizations and the necessary measures should be taken as soon as possible to prevent the incident.

As Türk Taşıma-Sen, the necessary studies are carried out regarding the causes of the accident and the measures to be taken in order to prevent such accidents shall be sent to the related institutions and organizations in a report.

In addition, 24 denounces those trying to turn this extremely sad accident into a trade union propaganda, where our citizens die, and 318 is injured.




    1. bts, as opposed to the union association party. the writer writes tv.gazeteler.kazılar.Çrupa in the accident, there are many to reduce the accident. There is no convincing to blame the public .. the company's self-sacrificing employees (everyone) does not want to win. more than anyone else. The organization will take measures as much as possible. Certainly, the top executives have the courage to listen to the proposals of the people.