Handover Ceremony was held at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, former Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan took over.

Turhan, in his speech at the handover ceremony held in the Ministry, the Ministry's life of the people of the country's daily life, travel and communication to be accessible and accessible to be achieved in large projects, he said.

Turhan stated that the projects initiated by former Prime Minister Binali Yildirim during the period of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications were admirable for the works carried out under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Recep I also worked at 30 General Directorate of Highways under this ministry. 2 returned to the nest after a year of separation. After that, we will try to provide better services to our country with the transportation family again. Bundan

As President Erdoğan puts it, in this is love, eagerness, love and love, ül he said, adding that 2023, 2053, and 2071 will all serve to prepare the country.

Turhan, President Erdogan to achieve the goals demonstrated by the larger projects, people with a new understanding to strive to offer faster service, will continue to work with love and enthusiasm, he added.

Underlining that they will make efforts to bring this flag to the point of view, the Turhan, the nation and the country have been able to make more beautiful and useful services.

Turhan, Tekirdağ-Çorlu also touched upon the train accident, said:

"Such accidents happen in the transportation sector from time to time. We will do what needs to be done in this regard as the Ministry, setting the rules by means of facilities and tools, as well as by users. It is not enough to build the service infrastructure, and it is as important to make the service rules as possible while using this service. "

”As transport family, we moved the flag up further“

Arslan said that during the AK Party governments, 16 has been doing and doing much about the access and transportation of the country for the last XNUMX years, and that international carriers who benefit from the transportation and access of the country know this.

16 474 annually emphasized that they invested a billion pounds in the ministry, la 25,5 month ago Prime Minister Binali Yildirim took over the ministry, 'We will take this flag higher by adding our night with our team-mates.' We said. 240 thousand people transport the flag as a family moved further up. U he said.

Providing information about the works carried out during the Ministry of Finance, Arslan stated that Istanbul New Airport will be officially put into service in October on 29. ”Reported that they brought it to the stage.

Tekirdag Corlu, an unfortunate train accident, reminiscent of Arslan, all kinds of judicial and administrative investigations were done about the incident, he said.

Arslan, stating that any work is done so that there are no mistakes or glitches, he noted:

"There are studies done with certain periods. There are studies with narrow duration, long and medium term periods. These studies suggest that you are not missing any skip. This will be certain with judicial and administrative investigations, but it was expressed that the long-term control was carried out in April when the crisis was announced at the center. Nothing has been done since the relative? No, I have 6 monthly, 1 yearly checks. Particularly, the requirement for geometric measurements has been made. I would like to emphasize that monthly, 15 daily, weekly checks are also done and documented. "

After the speeches, Cahit Turhan took over the position of Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure from Arslan.

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