Train Accident in Tekirdağ 10 Dead, 73 Injured

A wagon of the passenger train, which made the Kapıkule-Istanbul expedition, near the Çorlu district of Tekirdağ, was derailed and overturned.

While nearly 100 ambulances were on duty, “According to the first determinations, 10 people died and 73 were injured. The wounded were sent to hospitals in Istanbul and Tekirdağ by air and land.

Work on the case continues.


Governor Ceylan said in a statement that a number of people were injured as a result of the train moving from Uzunköprü district to Istanbul due to the fact that some of their wagons were derailed due to an unknown reason, near the village of Sarılar in the direction of Çorlu. Stating that the land is muddy and therefore vehicles cannot enter the region, Ceylan said, “We ship vehicles with pallets to the region. There is information that 6 passenger cars were overturned. ” used the expression. Meanwhile, air ambulances from the Ministry of Health were reported to the region.

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