UGETAM Will Give Service Drivers the Qualification Certificate

Istanbul Applied Gas and Energy Technologies Research Engineering Industry Trade Co., which is authorized by Vocational Qualifications Authority and Turkish Accreditation Agency to issue ler Professional Qualification Certificate,, will expose the theoretical and practical examinations to those who are obliged to obtain documents, especially school service drivers.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Applied Gas and Energy Technologies Research Engineering Industry Trade Inc. (UGETAM) Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK) and Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) by the ehir Vocational Qualification Certificate Uygulamalı was the first institution authorized to give.

According to the information received from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, UGETAM will issue the Bakanlığı Vocational Qualification Certificate N which was brought to the service drivers by the “School Service Vehicles Regulation lilik published by the Ministry of Interior in 27 October 2017. UGETAM, primarily school service drivers, those who want to obtain the ular Professional Competency Certificate aday, primarily occupational health and safety related issues, environmental issues, emergency management will include a theoretical test.

Student who does not receive a document will not be able to

Candidates will then have to prove their professional knowledge and skills with practical exams. At least% 60 from the theoretical exam and at least 80 from the applied exam will be required. With the examination and certification system aiming to increase the qualified work force in highways, chauffeurism, violence, drug use and criminal cases will be removed from the profession, customer satisfaction will be prioritized.

No service driver who does not receive a Vocational Qualification Certificate will not work in school services. Until 2020, students who cannot provide this document will not be able to carry students. The üc Vocational Qualification Certificate,, which was brought to school service drivers by 2020, is expected to be expanded and include buses, minibuses and taxi drivers, tram and subway drivers (vatman) and technical personnel.

Problematic ones will be extracted from the profession

Personnel certification activities will remove unqualified and problematic persons from the profession. Harassment, assault, drug use, such as those who have been penalized for crimes will not be given documents. After receiving the document, such documents will be canceled. In this way, millions of people every day entrusted with the safety of life and property drivers, citizens and responsible technical personnel will be selected from qualified people.

With the certification, drivers will be provided to act according to the standards and qualifications of the sector, not according to the instructions of the institution they work with. Thus, the employees of the transport sector, especially the school service drivers, will be more responsible for the service citizens.

15 proficiency certificate

In criminal behavior, criminal proceedings will be imposed from fines to dismissals. UGETAM's documents will also have international validity. The driver, citizen and technical personnel with this certificate will be able to work abroad.

With the new competencies received from UGETAM, MYK and TÜRKAK, UGETAM has provided 13 in road transport professions, 4 in rail transport professions and 9 in call center professions and 2 in call center occupations.

The new professions where UGETAM is authorized to issue a endiril Vocational Qualification Certificate U are:

Leri Rail transport professions;

Urban rail train driver,

Urban rail traffic controller,

Urban rail system catenary maintenance element,

Rail maintenance vehicle electrical maintenance and repair,

Electronic maintenance and repair of rail system vehicles,

Mechanical maintenance and repair of rail system vehicles,

Rail systems signaling maintenance and repairer,

Rail systems signaling maintenance and repairer,

Railway road construction, maintenance and repairer.

Highway drivers;

Public transportation bus driver,

Service driver, minibus driver,

Taxi driver. Call center professions;

Call center agent and call center team leader. Müşteri

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