The New Address of Art and Artists in Ankara are Subways

📩 22/12/2018 17:54

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. With the support of Mustafa Tuna, capital cities continue to open their doors to art and artists.

The day's fatigue and work stress in subway stations of the street musicians stole the music played by the capital, now the art of silent art '' Pantomime '' in the metro is able to watch the art.

The capital city of Kizilay Metro Joint Station shows great interest to the pantomime artist Ferhat Kilic, who performed between 15.00 and 18.00.

Ferhat Kılıç, who exhibited his art at the Metro Station, which was used by hundreds of thousands of passengers each day, stated that ini Pantomime est is also an art that expresses emotions using body language, hands, gestures and gestures. he heard.


'One of the oldest art in the world' Pandomim'ın not known in our country is very famous, '' said the Sword, '' 10 theater and I'm dealing with the art of pantomime. Hitchhiking country country city by walking around the city and exhibit the art of pantomime. I always attend festivals. I do a show in the streets regardless of summer and winter seasons. For this reason, I would like to thank Mr. Mustafa Tuna, the Mayor of Ankara, for giving this art to people who can exhibit our art easily. O


Mahmut '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' who watched the show '' Pantomime '' with a great pleasure Mahmut Kocabas, '' The pantomime '' watched without disrupting the show '' You can watch the sword '' You waiting for you where. I like you very much and I'm following 'he said.

Expressing his opinions about the show, Kocabaş said that it is very important for the promotion of art to promote our country both in Turkey and abroad. Em Such activities increase the tendency of our young people to art. Every breakthrough in which young people and art are supported will carry us forward. I am satisfied with all the services and practices of our mayor. I was touched to see young people express art, '' he said.


Gözde Aksaç Doğan, an art lover who watched the show,

'' First of all the supporters of the art and the artist and supporting the Mayor Assoc. Dr. I would like to thank Mustafa Tuna 'said the feelings expressed by continued as follows:

'We are stressed and tired by the exhaustion of the day. We have taken the music or another artistic activity in the subway to the stress of the day in a few minutes. It is very pleasing that our state elders support music, theater and cinema. It is very good practice to bring artistic activities to the foot of the citizen. It is a great virtue to support social and cultural activities instead of banning them. We thank President Tuna for this. Sosyal


Bedirhan Gökçek noted that it was a great pleasure to witness all kinds of artistic and social activities in the subways and said ğ The progress of social activities is very important for the progress of the society. Everyone can witness social activities in subways. Street musicians to show their own art in the public in the subway shows themselves to attract the attention of domestic foreign tourists. Mayor of Assoc. Dr. We were very happy that Mustafa Tuna allowed musicians to express their art freely. Mustafa

Another audience, who talked about the positive effects of art on society, Şeyma Demirsoy said:

Var People need to relax and get the most art. Moving this to the street will provide a positive level for children, young people and the elderly. Mayor of Assoc. Dr. We support him and thank him for his support to Mustafa Tuna. Mustafa

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