Night-time ban on the cable car in Alanya

The Governorship of Antalya prevented the cable car in Alanya from serving after 19.00 in the evening.

Alanya Cable Car, which departed from Alanya Damlataş region, which opened about 1 years ago, to Ehmedek, attracted attention in a short time with its alternative transportation at the entrance to the castle as well as climbing with the scenery. Night and day service of the Alanya Teleferik service was blocked by the decision of the Governor of Antalya.

The cable car does not operate after 19.00. The decision which prevented the night service of the cable car appeared to the Museum Directorate of Alanya Municipality with the article uz We cannot provide night security in Alanya Castle ”. Taking the measures of the Directorate of Museum Provincial Directorate of Culture after passing the letter with the approval of the Governorate of Antalya, Antalya Castle was banned from the cable car at night. The ban is being implemented from the beginning of the week. The cable car does not serve after 19.00.

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