The Metro that has been waiting for Ankara for years goes into service

The transfer process of the Sincan-Batıkent-Kızılay Metro line, which has been waiting for the 4,5 for years, ends in the direction of both Kızılay and Sincan from Batıkent.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, "3 As of July Tuesday, direct flights from Sincan and Etimesgut to Kizilay begin," he said.


The Xinjiang-Batıkent Metro line, which was opened in February of 2014, will continue until Kızılay.

In the capital, within the framework of the principle of olac common reason atan, President Tuna, who has made citizen-focused works and delighted the Capitalists with revolutionary decisions, said that there will be new good news in transportation and infrastructure.


Sincan'dan Kızılay'ya, from the Kızılay to the subway route from Xinjiang to the end of the transfer of Batıkent and 6'lerin announced that the campaign will continue with the sets that explain the demands of citizens in transportation Tuna, and said they had implemented.

Stating that they made this decision in order to make the capital city more comfortable and comfortable, President Tuna said, eri We are buying new wagons and these are coming to party. Some of them continue manufacturing. As the number of wagons increase, especially during peak hours, the time interval of the time periods of the trains will be shortened V.


Chairman of the Tuna, which draws attention to the lengthened travel time due to the transfer, stated that they took the problems of the capitalists among their priorities and said:

Im It was an application that our citizens expected. Especially when I went to work in the morning, getting into a vehicle, and then getting into another vehicle again was a waste of time. It was also unsuitable for comfort. We need to do better to our citizens. The capitals deserve the best of everything. For this reason, we will always continue to carry out our work with a citizen-oriented approach. Bu

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