Durmazlarof the National Tram Panorama, Poland

The world's 7 tram manufacturer Bursa Durmazlarwill make its first export to EU member Poland. In the first stage, 12 'Panorama' tram will serve on the streets of Olsztyn.

Bursalı Durmazlar, Turkey's first indigenous tram is exported to Poland. Since working in Turkey in Kocaeli and tram lines in Samsun Panorama model year 2020 tram rails in Olsztyn will start next time.

The tender was held in February in Olsztyn, Poland, where all technical specifications were approved and submitted the best offer. Durmazlar won. In the first stage, the agreement covering the production of 12 trams will grow in the coming period, up to 24 units. Today DurmazlarThe 12 trolley car tender won by 20 million euros.

Agreement with the Mayor of Olsztyn Pietr Grzymowicz Durmazlar Holding Vice Chairman Fatma Durmaz Yılbirlik. Mayor Pietr Grzymowicz, speaking at the ceremony held at the Olsztyn Town Hall, where Atilla Gökhan Kızılarslan, the chief trade adviser to the Warsaw Embassy, ​​was present. Durmazlar is the only company that meets all the requirements they want. 123 thousand people live in the city of Olsztyn 11 kilometer railway network, explaining that Grzymowicz, 7 kilometers will make an additional investment, he said. “We opened the doors of Europe” Durmazlar Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fatma Durmaz Durmazlar 65 has been operating in the machinery sector for years, 120 told that they export to the country. Annually, 30 has been serving Polish industrialists for more than a year, and the rail system group Durmaray is proud of the fact that the municipality of Olsztyn has won the trust of the Polish people.

Yilbirlik pointed out that they had the fruit of the work they started in 2009 and said that the first domestic tram opened the doors of Poland and Europe. Yılbirlik, as an ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Turkey recalling that Bursa honorary consul of Poland "cultural requirements between the two countries was one of my most important goals to establish new bridges as well as in the economic sphere. Because we can only be brothers thanks to these relationships. From this point of view, today is a day in which we received our efforts. ”

According to the information given, Durmaray, which is rapidly growing in the projects, design, software, assembly, testing and commissioning processes in the field of urban rail system vehicle production and technologies, has been producing technology since 1956. Durmazlar The machine has power and support.

Durmazlar Today, 150.000 manufactures thousands of 3 machines, which support production in 120 separate countries every year in a high-tech 8 separate factory in a closed area of ​​XNUMX square meters.

The first R & D center in the field of production technologies in Turkey, continues to develop a new generation of software and new technologies. Durmazlar Turkey is also one of the founders of the industry 4.0 platforms.

He uses developed software on trams

Today is a global brand in the machine DurmazlarHas entered the rail systems sector with the Durmaray brand in 2009. Today Durmazlarhas 98 trams and light rail vehicles operating in different cities in Turkey. The world's seventh tram brand, which is also the manufacturer of Silkworm Durmazlaruses sensor technologies and software developed on its trams. For example, the laser scanner is placed in front of the tram and the distance of the objects, the direction of movement and the probability of collision can be calculated by scanning the vehicle's movement direction. Thanks to the software developed in Panorama vehicle, thousands of variables such as vehicle control unit, drive, door, brake subsystems are recorded instantly. Unprocessed Big data enables immediate monitoring of events occurring in the vehicle, as well as identifying future situations. Vehicles can share this location information and additional data with the central computer and other vehicles running on the route. Thanks to the DURCOM program, vehicles that can send e-mails to predetermined people can quickly prevent disruptions. Durmazlaris exporting to 80 country with 120 distributor. Nearly 80 of the manufactured machines meet buyers in the US, European Union countries and developed industrial countries such as Australia.

210 passenger capacity

Aiming to be at the forefront of the rail systems sector in the world, Durmaray started its research and development activities in 2009. 2011 bin m15 closed and 2 bin m50 for the manufacture of trunk and bogie, and 2 bin m25 and 2 bin m10 open space for the production of vehicles started to produce in 2 year. Produced as the first tram in the name of Silkworm 2 in Bursa met with the rails. 2013 pieces of Light Rail System (HRS) and 2015 Pair bidirectional tramway projects were followed by 60. Panorama, the new generation design of Durmaray, started to serve in 12 in Samsun by means of 2016 vehicle and in Kocaeli by two way 8 vehicles. The 12 vehicle demanded by the re-opened tender of the Kocaeli Municipality in 2017 is now being produced in Durmaray facilities. In the near future, the 6 vehicle system will serve the people of Olsztyn in the first place.

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