Record Capital Increase from IGA

IGA undertook the construction of the Istanbul New Airport and the 25 yearly operation. With a record increase, IGA has the highest asset size among Fortune 1 companies, 790. The company has reached the level that it can be. In IGA, its joint contribution has surpassed 6 billion since the day it was founded.

Istanbul New Airport will provide a significant infrastructure project to the world civil aviation. capital increase. 26 with HDI Airport Enterprise's decision taken in the General Assembly dated July 2018 companies, increasing the available capital 4 450 billion 1 million TL billion TL billion 790 6 240 million pulled million. The members of Cengiz, Mapa, Limak, Kolin and Kalyon Group, which are the members of the consortium forming IGA, participated in the capital increase with five equal shares of 358 million TL. With this increase, the capital contribution provided by the IGA partners to the company was over 1 billion 615 million Euros.

Fourth Total Assets in Turkey!

HDI Airport Operator of the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Kadri Samsunlu, airport, noting that completion of xnumx'lük per cent of the building found the following assessment: "Istanbul New Airport has our ambitious goals for providing added value to the economy of Turkey. Our main shareholders continue to assume important responsibilities in line with these targets. Current iGain capital, has risen to the same level as Turkey's largest companies. This decision of our shareholders' confidence in Turkey's economy, iGain that rises above the airport with world-class construction and operation, and Istanbul is a proof that makes the world's aviation hub. We have less time than 94 to open to operation. With this capital increase, we can say that both our company's financial structure has strengthened and the ongoing investments until the opening will be completed quickly. According to the economic impact survey conducted by an independent company in 90, Istanbul New Airport will be able to provide employment directly to 2016 thousand people by 2025. We can create additional household income of up to about 225 billion dollars, it is predicted that Turkey's level of up to 4,4% of national income in its contribution to the national economy. As it is understood from this point, Istanbul New Airport will be a new economic center of attraction and will make significant contributions to our country. Buradan

This capital increase by asset size and according to their own resources, Turkey's largest companies Samsunlu noted that they are one of the among companies in the Fortune 500 list THY assets after Tüpraş and Turkcell underlined that they reach a size that may be the fourth-highest company.

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