Mersin Traffic Relaxes with Dynamic Intersection Control System

At the beginning of 2018, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has placed its demo on PTT Junction and the successful results of the Dynamic Junction Control System in Mersin are continuing. After the successful demo trial, the system will be installed at the intersection of Mersin and will be managed in a modern and intelligent way.

In order to establish a dynamic intersection control system by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department teams, infrastructure works are in progress for the installation of cameras. The assembly works will be completed at the end of the month and the Intersection Control System will be used at the 67 junction.

H. Okan Merzeci Boulevard 156. The teams starting with Cadde Kavşağı, Kurdali Junction, Selen Junction, Yumuktepe Junction, H. Okan Merzeci Boulevard 207. Street junction, Akbelen Boulevard Salt Glass Junction, Banio Market Intersection continued. At the same time, the teams will conduct the signaling infrastructure update at the 46 junction.

Mersin's growing population and population-oriented traffic problem, which produces a future-oriented solution to the intersection of the Metropolitan Municipality through the intelligent system will allow the management of intersections according to the traffic density. Thanks to this system, the instantaneous signal pattern at the intersections will be displayed and the traffic density map of the city will be rendered immediately. While the camera systems for each direction connected to the intersection are arranged in a way to count the vehicles in the related direction, the data obtained from these cameras will be collected in the Traffic Control Management System Center and the traffic in the city will be controlled.

Fuel savings, carbon emissions reduced

Thanks to the cameras connected to the intersection, this system, which determines the number of vehicles in every direction, will manage the traffic lights completely depending on the vehicle density. Thanks to the system that provides the greenest light for a longer period of time, the average waiting time of vehicles will be minimized.

The shorter duration of traffic in the vehicles, the reduction of traffic intensity, the minimization of the time lost and the reduction of fuel consumption will reduce the environmental pollution significantly. In this context,% 29 recovery, 50 reduction in carbon emission and% 30 fuel saving are ensured at each intersection.

PTT junction system tested the Mezitli Municipality Junction, Dumlupinar Junction, Cetinkaya Junction, the Hilton intersection of traffic, the most intense 67 intersection in the year 2018 will be provided to relieve the traffic in Mersin.

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