A Collective Agreement was signed between MOTAŞ and Hak-İş

The service was signed with the Labor Union and a contract for the collective bargaining agreement between MOTAŞ and Malatya Metropolitan Municipality in a ceremony held at the Congress and Cultural Center.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat, Hak Job Chairman Mahmut Arslan, MOTAŞ General Manager Enver Sadat Tamgacı, Service Business Union Malatya Branch President Bünyamin Income, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Haydar Sahin, some department heads, branch managers and employees of MOTAŞ She attended.

Worker friendly

Service Business Malatya Branch President Bünyamin Gel, who stated that Hak İş Trade Union has approximately 8 thousand members in Malatya, said, iri We have signed serious contracts in the name of our colleagues while Hacı Uğur Polat was the mayor of Yeşilyurt. Salary workers from different municipalities to Yeşilyurt Municipality have paid 3 million pounds in a very short period of time by preventing the grievances. We know that our Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat is a worker friend. You have done what you need within the collective agreement concerning our employees of MOTAŞ, we thank you very much MOT.

Revenue of the Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat, who reminded that Malatya is on its way, says, ur Our brothers and sisters in Malatya will continue to support you in the implementation of hatırlat We Will Walk Together Büyük projects. We will produce good works for our country from day to night without saying Gece.

Historic day

Indicating that there is a historic day for Malatya, Hak Business President Mahmut Arslan said that for the first time a collective bargaining agreement was signed with a Metropolitan Municipality.

This first, the Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat together with the sign indicating that he is extremely happy Arslan, mutlu This is the work of the President's contribution to the emergence of the table, the contribution is very large. I would like to thank him once again for your peace of mind. What makes the collective bargaining agreement important is the good criteria. This collective bargaining agreement we have signed is a contract with good criteria İm.

Greater Big Family

Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat, who came to the podium with applause, said that they were working to make the people of Malatya comfortable, peaceful, comfortable and happy.

Stating that they produce this service with the 515 MOTAŞ employee, President Polat said, at We are proud and proud to serve Malatya. The Metropolitan Municipality is a very big family. MOTAŞ company has an important place in this family. The more we expect from our working brothers, the better we can improve the service quality. The sanctity of labor is indisputable. Our home needs never end. We said we will correct this situation and pushed our possibilities. There is no price to serve the people of Malatya and build their happiness. That's how you look at your labor. I wish the collective bargaining agreement will be beneficial. Toplu

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