Train Accident Statement from the Chamber of Meteorological Engineers

As the Chamber of Meteorological Engineers of TMMOB; For citizens who lost their lives in a train accident in Tekirdağ on 08 / 07 / 2018, we wish God's mercy and urgent recovery for our injured citizens with patience and condolences.

In our country, meteorological measurements and observations are under the authority and responsibility of the General Directorate of Meteorology (MGM) with the law numbered 3254. Rainfall values ​​measured by MGM Muratlı Station, which is the closest measurement station instead of accident, are as follows. 11.00 mm between 12.00-30.4 and 12.00 mm 12.26 and 2.0 mm precipitation were observed between 32.4-XNUMX.

When we look at the images obtained from the written and visual media about the accident; We see that the surface flow that occurs as a result of the precipitation is overflowing through the culvert by squeezing in the grille passing through the train line and sweeping the floor between the grille and the rail rails and hanging the rails.

The precipitation occurring in the region according to the rainfall recurrence analysis of the Çorlu Meteorology Station, which is one of the closest measuring stations to the accident site, is the precipitation that can be seen in 7 (seven) years. In this sense, precipitation is not surprising and unexpected rainfall.

The time between 11.00 and 12.26 is the 32.4 mm rainfall that reaches the Zone as a surface flow and the damage done is the worst calculation with the 60 to 90 minutes between the time taken, in the three hours until the time of the accident at the culvert and on the culvert the reason why this damage was not seen should also be questioned.

Grilles are structures which are indispensable for both land and railways and will evacuate the surface flows caused by precipitation. In developed countries, the capacity calculations of these structures are done in a way that eliminates the maximum risk according to the rainfall analysis. Because there is no rainfall measurement at each point, the contributions of Meteorological science and Engineering are utilized to the maximum extent of the culvert production.

As the Chamber of Meteorological Engineers for many years with several occasions; Meteorological science and engineering are not used in calculations related to culvert capacities and manufacturing points in roads and railways.

In engineering hydrology and hydrological design studies; regret to say that our country will continue to lose.

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:40

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