Customization means Train Disaster!

Railway workers wrote their opinions to the daily newspaper readers of the newspaper about the train accident that resulted in the death of 24 people in Çorlu.

Workers in a group of railways

Hello Evrensel newspaper readers Merhaba

We would like to share a few things about the train massacre that took place on the railway with you as workers who have been working on railways for a long time. This accident was not the first on railways. There have been hundreds of accidents in the history of the railway. While the majority of these train accidents sometimes resulted in the loss of the railroad workers, our people died in the accidents that occurred in the passageways or the railway.

For this reason, when we scanned our memory a little while back, there was another passenger train accident in the Pamukova district of Sakarya, in line with the accelerated train project. There were also people who lost their lives in this accident and hundreds of people were injured. This kazanOur machinist brother, who worked as a railway worker in charge of the truck, was fined. However, this kazanThere was only one person in charge. They had opened the accelerated train project in an ostentatious manner before the elections, since it was thought to be profit-oriented while carrying passengers and to operate the accelerated train project as soon as possible.

But the accelerated train project caused hundreds of people to be injured and several people died. As a result, train operations were stopped for a while. The train wreck that happened last day shook me again because I was a railroad worker. Here are some questions to the authorities Buradan

1) How and under which order a passenger train was attempted to pass through a route that should not be open to navigation?

2) Why was a train carrying passengers on the road before it was finished?

3) Maintenance of a road whose construction is ongoing and whose tender is canceled is not taken and necessary security measures have not been taken?

4) How was the way the culvert in this road would be damaged in any natural event?

In light of all these questions, a privatization of railways is a sign of rapid progress! Infrastructure maintenance services and transportation. dividing into two led to all the accidents and problems that will occur in the railway.

The railway is a whole. Infrastructure Services and Transportation Inc. split into a system should be terminated immediately. Contracts of all companies that have agreements on railways must be canceled. The privatization of railways must end. The railroads are for the laborers. Railways are not profit-oriented but should be seen as public service. We would like to express our condolences to those who lost their lives and hope that the wounded will be healed as soon as possible.

Thank you…


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