Localization of Local Signaling System Starts at M1 Line of Istanbul Metro

Within the framework of X Domestic and National Production X concept, M1A Yenikapı-Atatürk Airport, M1B Yenikapı-Kirazlı line and M1B's 2. stage Halkalı driverless full automatic train control signaling system will be designed and produced by Metro İstanbul with domestic and national facilities.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Rail System Department, European Side Rail Systems Directorate; Az M1 Yenikapı-Otogar-Atatürk Airport-Kirazlı-Halkalı Metro System, Signaling and Platform Separator Door Systems Procurement and Commissioning Works Sinyal tender has been won by Metro İstanbul & İsbak Business Partnership. Design, installation, testing and commissioning of the signalization system of the line by Metro Istanbul; İsbak will supply the platform separator door system locally. Also, the project will cooperate with the leading institutions and organizations of our domestic industry.

12 was held in June with the tender 36 km. 32 + 2 units (which can be added later) with 2 units on the double line in length, CBTR Signaling System and Peron Separator Door works will be performed in accordance with international standards and certification of 2 warehouse and vehicle maintenance area. In this context; line Halkalı in the extension of the domestic signaling system and existing signaling infrastructure to meet the modern needs of the structure of the domestic signalization system, renewable door systems, domestic supply, electromechanical installation, testing and commissioning works after delivery with delivery under the 24 month warranty, spare parts and consumables supply of materials, theoretical and practical training will be given.

With the introduction of the signaling system at the GoA4 level, more frequent and faster flights can be made. By increasing the speed and frequency of the line with the length of the length of the length of the line will be provided with the capacity increase of% 100 will provide more comfortable and fast service to the people of Istanbul. In order to increase the security in the platform zone in the system, Peron Separator Door Systems in 34 meters will be manufactured locally and nationally and will be applied to the site.

What is GoA4?
In accordance with the IEC 622990 standard, the signaling systems specified in the rail system operation are defined as GoA (Grade of Automation) and the 4 is on a separate level. At the Goa1 level, while all the driving controls are under the control of the mechanic, at the GoA2, the mechanics are only responsible for controlling the vehicle's boarding passages and driving the vehicle in the event of a breakdown. GoA3 level systems are called machines without system, and if there is an officer in the vehicle, the only responsibility is to close the vehicle doors and intervene in case of a problem. In the systems with GoA4 level, there is no employee in the vehicle and the system is called UTO (Unattended Train Operation).

With GoA4 signal system, there is no need for car driver, all functions of the vehicle such as take-off, driving and stop movements, door opening and closing are provided by signaling system software. In previous years, 90 sn. The range of GoA4, which provides safe train operation with the range, can be combined with the developing technology 75 sec. In this test, it is not possible and safe to drive with this machine. Passenger safety in the UTO system is provided by using Peron Separator Door Systems (PACS) and accidents caused by human factor are minimized. In addition, the system is optimized for automatic starting and stopping.

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