KİPA Junction Information Meeting Held

A meeting was held for the architect and engineer rooms in Mersin on the Köprülü KİPA Junction Project, which is planned to be constructed by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality for KİPA Junction.

H. Okan Merzeci Boulevard and 34. Mayor Kocamaz held an information meeting on the objections made by the members of the parliament to the Köprülü KİPA Junction project, which is planned to be constructed at the street intersection. He shared the details of the project with the participants.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, chaired by the meeting of the MHP Mersin Provincial Chairman Zeynel Uğur Gölgeli, Mersin and the chambers of engineers and architects operating in the offices and representatives of MHP, Mersin province managers and council members attended.

”This is a special area and you don't have the chance to practice every project here“

Speaking at the meeting, President Kocamaz stated that they are listening to the components of the city in all the projects to be held in Mersin and they have made many meetings especially about the development plans.

'N Transportation Master Plan and 1 / 100 plan were passed unanimously by the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly and they have to be implemented, so we started from one end. We have demolished the Intersection. Everyone in this city agreed about the collapse of the famous Interchange. In the beginning there were people against the lower passages. But we did the intersections of the city's silhouette as much as possible with the lower passage we did. Obviously, no matter where they are, these overpasses don't stop me. But conditions force us to do this. Of course, everyone is drawing a plan for him. He creates a visual for himself. I said that in the assembly. I'm not an expert. I'm a chemical engineer. The experts of this work are road engineers, architects, civil engineers. But with my 25 years of experience, I have some information to say about this intersection. This is a special place. Because there is Öksüz Stream. You don't have a chance to implement every project you want here. Burada

President Kocamaz said that the construction of the project is not suitable for the passage itself, but Öksüz Stream is located in the region and it is appropriate for him to make the overpass. This project draws experts. I have the knowledge to discuss, even if I am not an expert. How do we get down the 20 meter? Frankly, I wonder about him. What are we going to do? So you need to go down the stairs in a short way to train down the stairs to train the vehicle training. How does he propose this? I doubt their engineering. There's no point in prolonging this. Time is flowing like water. Now, if we had started this project and we would not have had such discussions, we would have taken a certain distance. We have now moved the project to the Memorial Junction at Toroslar. He said he was in our program and let's start from there O.

”The mind is the way and the politics of this work is not“

He added that they decided to open the bridge junction in the parliament to public and to evaluate the city by the stakeholders of the city. Mr. Kocamaz said, ları We carried this project to this platform in line with the decision we made in the assembly. I also invited the AKP, CHP, MHP provincial chairmen in Mersin. There was no participation from all parties. The path of the mind is one and the politics of this work is not. Today we do not have a project prepared by the project we do not have a chance to say. We're having trouble with the creek. God bless the consequences of a possible flood. Already the creek formerly 34. He was CAD. So the water from above is more than the stream. Now friends say it was due to the vent. The grille is wrong, it keeps the trees from above, it prevents the water but the water coming from it came more than the creek. I was there when I flooded. I personally saw how the 112 tools drifted, how they leaned to the sidewalks, and even the people inside it saved their lives on those 112 vehicles. But we can't take this risk again. God forbid there is a similar event, there is no one of this can be saved from the plague, bir he said.

In the meeting, Mr. Salih Yılmaz, Transportation Planning Department Director, and YSK Mühendislik Limited Şirketi Project Engineer Selçuk Özdemir presented the project.

The preliminary project presentation of the intersection was presented in the Master Plan and the implementation project prepared by the Department of Survey and Projects was shown. In the presentations, participants were informed about why the KİPA Junction should be a bridge junction, the general characteristics of KİPA junction, traffic census values, and why the KİPA junction was considered in the east-west direction. After the presentation, participants' questions were answered and comments and suggestions were heard.

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