İzmir Intelligent Transportation Systems Workshop Completed

smart transportation workshop izmir
smart transportation workshop izmir

Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems joined the EU Delegation to Turkey in Izmir Deputy François Begeot, "to leave a clean environment for our grandchildren as we have a great responsibility. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is working for this tough challenge; applications are promising. Izmir, a city, a pioneer in Turkey. It attracts attention not only with its beauty but also with being a city of innovation ”.

İzmir hosted the Intelligent Transportation Systems Workshop, where solutions focused on public transportation, traffic and transportation infrastructure for the transportation problems of cities were discussed. In the "Intelligent Transportation Systems (IUS) Workshop in Izmir" organized with the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the European Union Delegation to Turkey, the current transportation structure in Izmir was examined, international best practices were presented and evaluations were made for the Intelligent Transportation System projects planned in Izmir.


François Begeot, Undersecretary of the EU Delegation to Turkey, and World Bank Intelligent Transport Architecture and Restoration Specialist Dr. Making the opening speech of the meeting attended by Khaled El Araby, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe stated that a series of studies have been carried out on the Intelligent Transportation System and said, “We are developing new policies that encourage public transportation. We have an election that prioritizes the orientation of city centers to pedestrian and bicycle transportation. Pioneering and exemplary works are being carried out for Turkey in İzmir. We build the general framework of this on the main idea of ​​reducing carbon emissions.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been fulfilling its promise of 'reducing 2020 percent carbon emission' step by step until 20 ”.

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Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Traffic and Inspection Department Director Mehmet Ali Bodur informed the participants about the Intelligent Transport Systems in Izmir and the current situation.

He also teaches Systems Architecture at the University of Munich, Intelligent Transport Architecture and Restoration Specialist at the World Bank. Khaled El Araby, stating that he came to Izmir for the first time, is in transportation in every city of Turkey like Izmir. one cardHe said it should be valid. Reminding that this problem was experienced in the European Union before, but now the single card model has been adopted, El Araby said, “As the World Bank, we provide technical support. We also worked on fiber optics. There is the largest fiber optic network in İzmir and this network has a different structure. We are talking about a smart network. As a smart city, I suggest you take İzmir as an example and approach it.”


Expressing that he is extremely pleased to be in Izmir, EU Delegation to Turkey Undersecretary François Begeot said, “Izmir fascinates people. İzmir attracts attention not only with its beauty, but also because it is a city of innovation.” Stating that they are trying to overcome all the difficulties in the 21st century regarding the environmental model in transportation and production, Begeot continued his words as follows:

“We have a great responsibility. It is like leaving a clean environment for our children and grandchildren. Especially Izmir Metropolitan Municipality works for this difficult struggle; applications are promising. There is something different in Izmir. This region has a unique character. I went to many places but I think Turkey's Izmir is unique. Izmir is a city, a pioneer in Turkey. İzmir is on our side as well as in every issue. Izmir is also a pioneer in cycling and its organization. Organizasyon

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