Istanbul's Urban Traffic Will Relieve Significantly at the End of This Year

cahit turhan
Photo: Ministry of Transport

Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said, “(Istanbul North Marmara Highway) traffic coming from the east of Istanbul, Reşadiye Junction and Çamlık Junction, Kurtköy Junction, Odayeri and Mahmutbey Junction in the west, Tayakadin and Yassıören Junctions, which we aim to open on October 29, are serving in the existing transportation infrastructure of Istanbul. will be integrated with We plan to integrate Çatalcayı and Gebze into this system towards the end of the year.” gave the information.

Turhan, Istanbul Northern Marmara Motorway construction on the European side of the Tayakadın construction site in the area, the authorities received information from investigations.

Explaining to the journalists about the point reached in the works, Turhan said that with the project, they aim to solve the problems in Istanbul city transportation, to provide comfortable, comfortable, safe, economical transportation and to serve the transportation infrastructure related to the new development areas of Istanbul.

Stating that the project will start at Kınalı Junction in the west of Istanbul and integrate with TEM Highway at Akyazı Junction in the east of Adapazarı, Turhan said:

“This section forms the highway transportation of Istanbul Third Airport and the 26 lane capacity highway that will provide its connections within the city of Istanbul, and includes 4 intersections that will provide transportation to Istanbul Grand Airport.

This project will also integrate the traffic movement in the eastern settlements of Istanbul with other transportation infrastructure systems. Namely, traffic coming from the east of Istanbul will be integrated with Reşadiye Junction and Çamlık Junction, again Kurtköy Junction, Odayeri and Mahmutbey Junction, Tayakadin and Yassıoren Junctions that we aim to open on October 29, and the roads that serve in the existing transportation infrastructure of Istanbul. Towards the end of the year, we plan to integrate Çatalca and Gebze into this system. ”

Cahit Turhan pointed out that the project will alleviate the traffic density in Istanbul city and stated that this project will serve in 2x4 lanes in the sections outside Istanbul Grand Airport.

Talking about the benefits of the project in addition to easing the traffic in Istanbul, Turhan said that transit, regional and international traffic, which must pass through Istanbul, does not enter the city, safely and comfortably, without making noise and air pollution and disturbing the residents of Istanbul. He said he would provide.

“We will have significantly relieved the city traffic in Istanbul at the end of this year.”

Reminding that the Istanbul North Marmara Motorway Project will reach 7 sections in total, Turhan gave the following information:

“We put the third part of this into service between Odayeri Kurtköy, Mahmutbey and Çamlık connections and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge in the past years. Now we are opening the remaining sections of the stage. The fourth section, namely the Kurtköy-Dilovası Port connection and port connection, and the Sevindikli Junction between the Izmit Northern Crossing, opened this year to service the traffic coming from the east to Istanbul, between Izmit-Gebze, Gebze-Kurtköy, Kurtköy-Ümraniye and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. We will also significantly relieve the transportation system, namely the TEM Highway, which serves over capacity.

In the west, our highway system, which is also working on the capacity between Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Mahmutbey Junction, Çatalca-Silivri, will relax with the second section we will open at the end of this year and the Çatalca Section of the first section. We will have significantly relieved the city traffic in Istanbul at the end of this year. ”

Minister Turhan stated that when the sections located at the Sevindikli Junction of Çatalca and Körfez district in the north of Izmit are put into service, the traffic density in the city's entrance and exit will be relieved significantly.

This way everyone who undertake the work diligent work of striking Turhan, Istanbul North Marmara Motorway Project, all in the shortest time to gain Turkey has indicated that the target.

“When the airport project is put into service, problems and troubles experienced in air transportation will be eliminated significantly.”

Turhan stated that the Habipler-Hasdal connection, which is called the 7th section within the project, will also play an important role in the city traffic in Istanbul.

“This section will start from Başakşehir Intersection in Istanbul and will be connected to Hasdal Junction by passing through a 3,5 kilometer long tunnel under the Gazi neighborhood in Habipler Junction and Gaziosmanpaşa district. Our work in this segment continues rapidly. We plan to open it there again in the middle of summer next year.

This will serve as a transportation infrastructure that can easily carry 2 thousand traffic per day to the section between Mahmutbey West Junction and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, which carries the most intense traffic in Istanbul city. When all these projects are put into service step by step, our citizens living in Istanbul will contribute to the transportation service in their lives on a daily basis. Our citizens coming from outside of Istanbul will also benefit from transportation services in a more comfortable, comfortable, economical and short time. ”

Pointing out that when the Airport project, which will add value to Istanbul, is put into service, the problems and troubles experienced in air transportation will be eliminated significantly, Turhan said that important services will also be provided in domestic and international travels.

Turhan stated that there will be an opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity regarding the slots, which cannot be given to the planes that want to land at Ataturk Airport from abroad due to the lack of capacity, and this situation will also provide connection with more countries and airlines.

Underlining that many people are employed during the construction and operation of the projects, Turhan concluded his speech as follows:

“These services not only provide economic benefits, but also contribute to employment. Construction work for 2 important projects in the sense of public transportation systems for Istanbul New Airport is ongoing. These systems are; A metro system with a length of about 3 kilometers from Hasdal to Gayrettepe to the 37rd Airport and containing 8 stations and HalkalıA public transportation system with a length of 3 kilometers and 22 stations within the body that will provide connection from the 6rd Airport.

These systems will be put into service towards the end of 2020, but until they come into service, our transportation systems with the airport, along with the existing and new road services, will provide adequate transportation services without any trouble. ”

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