Important Warning from Experts After the Train Disaster in Tekirdağ

24 trains after the tragedy, the speed of the area passes through the accident area. Experts, 2 million tons of cargo is required to fit the rails, while others want to change the route to avoid a similar disaster

Uzunköprü-Halkalı 8 24 3 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX After the XNUMX day from the disaster, the line was reopened after the new rails were laid. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) by doing work on the line, was laid rails again. After the broken rail and the broken sleepers were corrected, the flights in the line started again.


However, the train passes the 1 week, the work continues at the point of accident. Workers who continue to pour ballast stones on the rails, then the buraj machine will be hoeing says. On the other hand, travertine stones were re-laid between the culvert and rail. Railway workers in the region say that the train speed is reduced at the point of the accident and that the paved stones will be fully replaced as trains pass. Even after the 4 expedition per day, the number of passengers after the accident decreased.

Professor of International Logistics at Okan University Dr. Güngör Evren also believes that it is not inconvenient to continue the campaigns at low speed; Aza If there is a controlled transition at the accident point, there is no problem. A number of controls and transportation can be provided provided that the speed is reduced. Because the railway needs to be operated with extreme discipline. The smallest error can cause an accident. This is not true if a normal operating system has been changed. To return to normal stones need to be stabilized. This is a time-consuming situation. When 2 million tons of cargo passes through that area, stabilization is achieved. For this, a certain load must pass through. Therefore, there is no normal transition for a certain period of time. Bu


Retired from Geology Department of Faculty of Engineering of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University. Doğan Perinçek's comments are as follows;

Bir If the defeat is done in the same way and the grille has been changed, if the rails are laid on the soil rather than the stone fill, there is nothing changing. Similar things happen in a rain. I think of this renewal as makeup. It's not a permanent solution. The surrounding area was a plain and clayey material. And when it rains, the material here is easily worn and the vent is blocking. Besides, it's not just the accident. I think that many of the orphans on the line are worn out as a result of rain. Repairs without correcting the grille or making a new bridge are not correct. The area should be reviewed and renewed as a whole. Alan


Hasan Bektas, President of the United Transport Union (BTS), said about the line that started its flights, taş There is no problem in the start of the flights. Where the repair is done at low speed for a while. With the stones fully seated, the 10-20 will continue with normal speed limits during the day. But this is not the solution, the problem here was about the infrastructure. Similar things can happen in a rain. Therefore; the route needs to be changed, güz he says.

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