In Kocaeli, the young person's intervention in autism has not died.

As a result of the effort of a young driver with autism who had a crisis while traveling on a municipal bus in Kocaeli, he survived the crisis without harming himself. Kandıra Kerpe moving to the direction of Izmit 800k number one bus with the autism of Berkay Baştan, sometimes a tantrum attacking himself and those who suffer. Muhammet Yağcı, who had worked in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark Inc. who noticed the situation in the evening hours, helped Berkay not experience any negativity with the interventions he worshiped after taking the bus to a safe place thanks to the trainings he received.

Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark Inc. bus driver Muhammet Yagci, during the expedition to an event during the human death did not die. Son, who said that his son had autism during the movement, the child entered the crisis and said that emergency aid should be urgent. Then driver Muhammet Yagci, 112 teams called for help. The first intervention was made by the driver Yağcı Berkay. Yağcı, Berkay Baştan from the bus after a short time to get air. She took inspiration from her breathing, taking a deep breath. The driver took the corn from the corners of the road and gave it to Berkay. He distracted Berkay and made him calm down.

When the ambulance arrived in about 25 minutes, Berkay's condition had returned to normal. For control purposes, his mother and Berkay were taken to the hospital by the ambulance. While the health status of Berkay was explained in the hospital, the driver's sensitive behavior was appreciated by the other passengers.

TransportationPark Inc. The Chairman of Kocaeli Autistic Children Association (Koç-Der), who visited the General Directorate, İlkin Kılıçaslan; General Manager Mehmet Yasin Özlü thanked the driver Muhammet Yagci for his meaningful behavior. In the interview, mother Songul Bastan and Koc-Der officials gave the plaque and flowers to the bus driver Muhammet Yagci.

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