Karakoyun Viaduct is at the Crossroad

📩 22/12/2018 17:52

The foundation of Karakoyun Viaduct and Köprülü Intersection, whose expropriation and demolition processes were completed by the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, was laid with a ceremony. Şanlıurfa Büyükşehir stating that permanent services are provided to Şanlıurfa

Mayor Nihat Çiftçi stated that with the completion of the project, the 5 neighborhood will solve the traffic problem permanently.

In order to eliminate the transportation problems in Şanlıurfa, the Metropolitan Municipality has been working in a big way and continues to make new roads, boulevards, bridges, bridges and new viaducts. For years, the solution to the traffic problem in Şanlıurfa-Gaziantep on the way to start the work of the Metropolitan Municipality, decided to do the Karakoyun Bridge Interchange. After the project, the 187 has completed the expropriation and demolition works of the 3 household. The XNUMX laid the foundation of Karakoyun Viaduct and Interchange at the same time.

The ceremony held; Mayor of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Çiftçi, Haliliye Governor Ali Yılmaz, Mayor of Eyyübiye Mehmet Ekinci, Mayor of Haliliye Fevzi Demirkol, Mayor of Siverek Resul Yılmaz, Mayor of Hilvan Ali Aslan Bayık, representatives of NGOs and many citizens attended.

President Nihat Çiftçi stated that they have realized the basic projects to solve the traffic problem in the city center and said, UM We, as the entire cadres of the Metropolitan, work with the strength of the development and development of the 13 district of Şanlıurfa. We are moving forward one step towards solving the issues we are targeting and solving the problems. We are determined, we will solve, we have to solve. For this, the nation has communicated this service to us in every minute of the service point we have separated Sanliurfa'ya said.


President Nihat Çiftçi stated that there has been a traffic shortage in Karakoyun region for years and said yap This project is about 5-6. These neighborhoods have been sitting for years. Both Akşemsettin, Süleymaniye, Karakoyun and Hızmalı neighborhoods are built with the streets and streets. But there are traffic problems in these areas. We must solve these problems as our whole. For this reason, we will solve the traffic problem by expropriating the right and left of Karakoyun and connecting these sites in a systematic way by developing solutions for the road problems and traffic problems of these neighborhoods. The Northwestern Highway, where we started to make new construction, is blocked in the Süleymaniye neighborhood and there is no continuation. With this project, the vehicles coming from there will land at the bottom of Karakoyun and the roads will be connected to one of the intersections by coming here with the roads we will do. Bu


The farmer said, yap We will also do 4 pieces on the Karakoy. There were a number of shortcomings for years. In this project, the cost of expropriation given to houses 16 Million 750 thousand pounds 19 million pounds total project cost. As much as the sum of our project, we only need to allocate the budget for expropriation. However, if it is important for Şanlıurfa, we do not hesitate to take steps and take responsibility. We are determined to be hardworking, to find resources and to put these problems into history.

Sanliurfa Municipality is living in rural and central 13 in all of the town is experiencing the golden age. The face of metropolitan and districts is changing. 20 yearly service 2 yearly service, 30 yearly service 3 year service took place in a period of time, although it seems scattered along with metropolitan law. We are in perfect harmony with our governorship, deputies and ministries. This unity is reflected on our Şanlıurfa as a blessing. Bu

Ali Yılmaz, Governor of Haliliye said,, The implementation of this project is very important for Şanlıurfa. These projects require a large organization starting from the expropriation process to the budget. It is a project that will serve Haliliye which is a very crowded district. I wish the project to be completed as soon as possible. I would like to thank Nihat Çiftçi, Mayor of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, and all those who contributed to this project. Şanlı

Eyyübiye Mayor Mehmet Ekinci said, Ey One of the projects that will relax the traffic of Şanlıurfa. The level of development of cities is also related to the elimination of transportation difficulties. Şanlıurfa is changing, developing and growing. In this context, many projects are needed. Metropolitan Municipality in terms of transportation has very large projects. I would like to thank Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Ciftci and the entire team for this work. Bu

Aslan Ali Bayık, the Mayor of Hilvan said,, In the municipality, duties such as roads, cleaning and water do not stop once. I would like to thank Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Ciftci and all those who contributed to these efforts in a coordinated manner and who are in an effort to complete them in a short time. Bu

On the other hand, a transit passage will be provided with the Karakoyun Viaduct and Köprülü Junction, which will take a comfortable breath in the traffic of Süleymaniye, Ak Şemsettin, Hızmalı, Karakoyun and Buhara. Moreover, for the citizens coming to the city center from the Northwest Highway, the arrival of the 4 bridges on the Karakoyun stream in the region will become transitory.

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