EXPO Ferroviaria 2019 Fair to Bring World Railway Companies Together

Expo Feroviaria Opening Ceremony min
Expo Ferroviaria 2019 Fair Held in Milan, Italy

At the 1th International EXPO Ferroviaria 3 Fair 2019, which will be held in Rho Fiera, Milan, Italy on October 9 - 2019, 2019, companies from all over the world will again bring the rail world together.

We are working with giant companies such as Alstom, because we have a product service that we think we meet the requirements of existing railway projects or that will be put on the market.

This is a great opportunity to provide more business in Italy and build long-term business relationships.

Product categories:

  • * Rail vehicle production
  • * Large subsystems and components
  • * In-car interior including seating, HVAC and lighting
  • * Vehicle maintenance and renovation
  • * Track products
  • * Track construction and maintenance equipment and services
  • * Construction works products and services
  • * Signal and communication
  • *Electricity
  • * Passenger information and fare collection systems
  • * Station facilities
  • * Safety and security
  • * IT systems
  • * Cable systems
  • *Electronic
  • * Mechanical engineering services and products
  • * Test and monitoring systems
  • *Consultancy services


If your company provides the railway market, you should exhibit it. Joining will help you:

  1. * Offer your products to the professional sector 5.000 including overseas buyers
  2. * Face to face potential and existing customers
  3. * Sales to visitors seeking new suppliers
  4. * Collect business potentials
  5. * Learn more about your market
  6. * Create brand awareness

Who visited the EXPO Ferroviaria Fair?

The last show was attended by senior executives, buyers, effective business leaders, policy makers and engineers. EXPO Ferroviaria attracts senior industry professionals looking for the latest technologies and products and looking for new business partners.

Visitor Portofolios:

* Mainline and city rail operators
* Infrastructure authorities
* Vehicle manufacturers
* Maintenance and repair companies
* Infrastructure construction and maintenance contractors
* Industry partners looking for suppliers
* Railway transport policy makers, planners and consultants

Good reason to join 7:

* The only one of its kind in Italy, 100% dedicated to iron, 100% b2b
* Italy's leading railway industry region was held in Milan
* Actively supported by partners representing the whole railway sector and shaping the future direction
* Increased participation in every successful edition
* 475 exhibitors, 7905 qualified visitors, 2017 countries represented in 50
* One fourth of the sector's sales

The following services include:

Exhibitor cards (number depends on stand size)
Invitation to Participating Networking Party
Personalized entry vouchers to invite customers
Place in Fair Show
On the website of the EXPO Ferroviaria European website (company name, country, stand number)
Digital and printed promotional materials for marketing purposes

Stand Area Costs

€ 405 per m² Blank Stand
Furnished per € 539 m²

EXPO Ferroviaria 2019

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