2 Refugees Died in Train Crash in Alexandroupoli

Two asylum-seekers who fled to Greece fell asleep on the tracks due to the fatigue and stress of the journey, and died under a train.

The driver of the train at the last minute of the train on the Alexandroupolis train last noticed that there was someone on the tracks, but he tried to stop the train, but he could not prevent the accident.

The driver, who immediately informed the police and the relevant authorities, took the train to the nearest station according to the laws of the OSE railway station and surrendered to the police waiting for him there.

Half an hour after the accident, the same train made another accident, about ten kilometers ahead. One person was seriously injured and taken to Evros State Hospital.

The driver of the train that was under shock was taken to the hospital for the necessary examinations. After a two-hour delay, passengers continued on their way with a new driver.

According to the statement, there are many similar accidents on this railway track, as the train tracks are used for the purpose of a compass compass for migrants, but many are injured or killed because they cannot be noticed by train drivers in the dark.

Source : milletgazetesi.g is

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