CHP Announces its Report on Train Accident in Çorlu

Republican People's Party Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu stated that despite all the warnings of the meteorology and TCDD, the necessary measures and controls were not made and that the warnings remained in the file.

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu made a statement about the train accident in Çorlu. Kılıçdaroğlu stated that for the first time they announced the TCDD's document, TCDD did not take the necessary precautions despite the meteorology warning. Stating that the issue should be investigated in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Kılıçdaroğlu said, "We will not close this event, we will be a follower."

Kılıçdaroğlu said, “Meteorology warns, 1st Regional Directorate warns. The culverts to be controlled are written, kazanIt is said that the culvert is out of the local list. In summary, the danger is known, Meteorology and TCDD made the necessary warning. All these remained in the file and the necessary action was not taken.”

Kılıçdaroğlu said, “Excessive rainfall was expected. Has an opinion been conveyed to the State Railways without waiting, that is, excessive precipitation? It is right that the State Railways can tell if there is precipitation. ”

First, excessive rainfall is expected, so there will be excessive precipitation without waiting, and therefore it should be taken measures in the region to be conveyed to the State Railways? So, did the administration take the necessary measures even though it knew there would be excessive rainfall? Now, rightly, our citizens can ask this question, whether or not the State Railways know if there is rain. It is true, but this is the first time we will explain here 30 May 2018 State Railways First Regional Directorate says: ünden According to the data obtained from the General Directorate of Meteorology, there may be heavy rainfall in the region in the coming days and in the summer period. Size It is clear, very clear. Where does he get the information? From the General Directorate of Meteorology. State Railways explains what needs to be done; Ön Precipitation can cause damage and damage, follow weather from meteorology, keep the splits and fills in check against the danger of runoff and landslide, leave the guard in critical weather conditions, follow the road situation, avoid natural disasters, without causing accidents. increase the pedestrian controls where necessary in exceptional cases. gibi Everything's here. It is clear that a disaster must come and what measures should be taken before this disaster comes. Take every precaution. Even so, "In such extraordinary situations, increase the pedestrian controls where deemed necessary," he says.

Now my dear friends, is that done? We all know that this is not done because the 24 has lost his life, 341 has been injured in our country.

My dear friends, the second important point is, has the necessary maintenance and control work been done? KazanHave the necessary controls and studies been carried out? Again, I will give you an important piece of information. First Regional Directorate of State Railways writes a letter to Çorlu Public Prosecutor's Office with a very urgent record. He says, we checked the road with road machinery on April 13, 2018, and there is a site list in the same article and the following statements are included in that article regarding the site list, the culverts that are planned to be maintained are shown in the site list. The culverts that are planned to be maintained are shown. Alright kazanIs there a plan for the culvert where the fire occurred? The text is like this: kazanMaintenance is not foreseen in the culvert where the fire occurred, it is not on the list. Meteorology warns, the First Regional Directorate warns, it says to take the necessary precautions, the culverts need to be checked, there is a site list, the culverts to be checked are written there. kazanIt is said that we did not control it. It's called off the site list.


In summary, the danger is known, meteorology made the necessary warning, the State Railways have made the necessary correspondence. The painful thing is, all of this has not been left in the file, and the result is 24 dead, 341 is injured.

Dear friends, dead and wounded our citizens, I know immediately after the accident 81 million citizens suffered remorse. The question was asked why the necessary measures were not taken. Today we visited the wounded in the hospital, visited the families of our fallen citizens, conveyed our condolences to them. I can't really ask you the question, who did the task, who didn't do it? I just said what I didn't do, I just told you. Despite the written warning of State Railways, the lack of looking at the culverts, despite the written warning, and openly confessing to us all show us that such events are inevitable in a system linked to the one-man regime. No one takes responsibility. No one is doing his duty. Because no one is responsible to another person. The only person they feel themselves in charge is that he lives in the palace. I wonder what will be done in the face of such a grave picture.

And who did it? Here is our muhtar, the muhtar of the Sarılar neighborhood. First of all, all the inhabitants of the Sarilar neighborhood did their job. They were mobilized from the moment they learned about the accident. Another? The Balabanli district, they acted immediately. Another? The Kırkkepenekli neighborhood took action. Before the authorities arrived, they arrived directly before public officials arrived. With a citizen conscience they fulfilled their humanitarian duties and began rescue work.

In the meantime, we owe thanks to the Akın farm. The inhabitants of that farm mobilized all their means and thus fulfilled their duties.

Another? The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality came to the scene of the incident as soon as possible after he heard of the incident. Another? The medical teams that come here and the doctors working in the hospital have really worked with extraordinary dedication.

My dear friends, the sad thing is, a kazanCitizens, not public officials, are reporting that it happened. That's the sad thing. KazanAgain, a citizen reports the definition of the location. government officials kazanThey don't even know where it is. And of course we have 24 deaths and 341 injured. While Turkey was concentrating on this event, while experiencing this pain together, a demand was raised by the citizens. So at least we can declare a national mourning. They didn't even do that. The Saudi king died, they declared national mourning, 24 of our citizens lost their lives, 341 of our citizens were injured, but they did not declare mourning. Why? One person does not want mourning, no one does not want mourning because there is a holiday on that day.

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