Buildings That Negatively Affect Traffic Flow in Bursa are Demolishing

In order to make Bursa's urban transportation more comfortable, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented functional projects from each other, continues to demolish buildings that have a negative impact on traffic flow and stay on road plans.

Metropolitan Municipality of Yunusemre, 2. 4 expropriated on Vatan Avenue completed the destruction of the building. After the completion of the expropriation work of the other 1 building in the same area, which appears to be built on the road according to the 1000 / 5 scale implementation plan, both the flow of traffic will be relieved in the region and the existing image pollution will be eliminated.

Interventions will last

Metropolitan Municipality of transportation and traffic in the work of the Metropolitan Municipality officials reminded that the priority of the intersection and lane regulation work with a significant degree of relief, at this point people received positive feedback from the stressed. Municipal authorities, the flow of traffic in the entire city until the problems will continue until the intervention was expressed.



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