Alanya Bird Nest and Yalci Road are Expanding

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Rural Services teams Alanya Yalç and Bird Nest neighborhoods on the way of the expansion work.

The metropolitan municipality expands the narrow roads and brings them together with asphalt to make the citizens more comfortable and safer. Rural Services Department teams, finally, Alanya's Yalci and Bird Nest Neighborhoods secure the connection path. The mountain side of the road, which is one side of the cliff, is extended by breaking through the crusher machines. The road will be covered with asphalt after the extension and infrastructure works are completed.
We're opening new roads.

Isa Akdemir, the Advisor to the President who examined the works on the spot; “Our work continues at full speed in line with the instructions of our Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel. We open new roads wherever needed in Antalya, we pour asphalt. We are expanding the roads by breaking the hard rock mountains, even if it is very difficult, we are working non-stop for our citizens. ”

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