Kocaoğlu's response to AKP's Şengül's words 'We will remove the tram'

“In the tram, folks travel and see. It is not used to reach somewhere. The response to AKP Provincial President Aydın Şengül, who said that if we were in power in Izmir, we will remove the tram from the city, was not delayed by President Kocaoğlu: “It is the most sincere confession of his glaring glance to this city, telling that they aim to destroy what is done in İzmir. Since this investment has nothing to do with public transportation, then start the removal of trams in the city center from the provinces where you are in power. ”

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu reacted violently to the statement of the Provincial Chairman of the Justice and Development Party, Aydın Şengül, "If we are in power in İzmir, we will remove the tram from the city." Noting that this statement of Şengül contains important clues in terms of revealing AKP's view to İzmir and the thought in their heads, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “It is the most sincere confession of their glaring glance to this city, instead of doing new things in Izmir. "It clearly shows that they still cannot recognize İzmir and the people of Izmir," he said.

Şengül said, “People travel and see in the tram. Underlining that his words, "It is not used to reach a place," is a statement full of contradictions, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor said, "Since this investment has nothing to do with public transportation, then from the city where you are in power, to Antalya, Konya, Konya. "From Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Samsun, Bursa," he said.

You're thinking about not doing it.
The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continued his words as follows:
“In public transportation, we are taking very important steps to reduce carbon emissions by switching from rubber wheels to electric and rail systems. This is an important part of our efforts to promote public transportation with comfortable and safe vehicles, as well as environmentally friendly and quiet vehicles, as well as our efforts to minimize the negative effects of global climate change. Moreover, the Izmir Tram has added a different color and richness to the city. Izmir residents also loved this new means of public transportation. Therefore, whether the tram goes or not is a decision to be made by the people of Izmir, not the AKP. This mentality was also against the Aliağa-Menderes Rail System Project during the 2004-2009 period. You can clearly see this in the minutes of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council. The same mentality had campaigned against the acquisition of new ships in Izmir. My advice to the Provincial Director is to think about what they can do to this city instead of destroying what has been done in Izmir. ”

Journalists know who presses well
Mayor Kocaoğlu responded to Şengül's accusations that "Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is putting neighborhood pressure on journalists" and said, "Even the Deaf Sultan heard; Neighborhood pressure on Turkey to whom he was doing, who he created on the printing press element .. Mr. Sengul With these words, trying to surprise his own mind goals. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is really an exemplary institution regarding press freedom. He never saw the authority to intervene in the news and comments made. Those who know this best are members of the press from Izmir. ”

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