Train Disaster in Çorlu: 360 Tickets Sold for 563-Person Train

In Tekirdağ Çorlu, a new detail has emerged about the train accident in which 24 people died. It turned out that 360 tickets were sold for the train with 563 seats. "362 passengers and 6 personnel were there," the ministry said in a statement after the accident.

It was revealed that 24 people died and 341 people were injured in Çorlu, and there were more than the number of passengers in the train.


According to the news of İsmail Saymaz from Hürriyet, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure post-accident Uzunköprü-Halkalı "6 wagons, 362 passengers and 6 staff were on the train." According to the accident report written one day later, it was emphasized that the wagons were 60 people. 360 ticket sold for 563 people, 393 tickets sold by the conductor before the arrival of the 22 ticket is expressed in the minutes, staff of the disaster before entering the mobile information system XNUMX data related to the presence of excessive passengers were explained.


17.12-90 km speed range of the train moves from the clock, 110-16.52 km speed range, said the report said: "As of the time 16.50 more than the number of passengers on the train there is more than the number of passengers in the data information system entered, as of XNUMX weekend and the passenger to be crowded In order to ensure that the passengers are able to ride down safely at the stations and stops, it is determined that more than normal stoppages are made and this is the reason for causing the city. nedeniyle

A TCDD official told Hurriyet that there were more than capacity passengers on the train, close to the 450, and some were traveling on foot. The conductors were selling tickets on the train, as the seats were without a number and tickets were not cut at the stations.

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