Turkey's Largest Children's Traffic Foundation Education Park in Sanliurfa Atıldı

Turkey's largest 'Children's Traffic Training Park's foundation was laid in Sanliurfa. Speaking at the ceremony on the basis of 32 thousand square meters, the center began to be constructed on an area of ​​Şanlıurfa Mayor Nihat Farmer, "Turkey's youngest city of Sanliurfa on our investments in children and young people will continue," he said.

Providing all kinds of support for the development of children and young people in education and sports, the Metropolitan Municipality, this time Turkey's largest Child Traffic Education Park in Şanlıurfa. kazanyelling. The groundbreaking ceremony of the park, which is planned to be built on a green area of ​​​​14 thousand square meters and a total of 32 thousand square meters, was held. The ceremony hosted by Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, AK Party Provincial President Bahattin Yıldız and AK Party Karaköprü District President Ahmet Aksoy, Şanlıurfa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ŞUTSO) Chairman Halil Peltek, Şanlıurfa Chambers of Craftsmen and Craftsmen Chairman Şefik Bakay, Şanlıurfa Treasurer Gülcan Akbıyık, Şanlıurfa Chamber of Groceries and Dealers Mehmet Altun and many guests attended.


Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, who made a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony and greeted all the guests, said, “With an average age of 19.4, we are the youngest city in Turkey. As metropolitan staff, we have an understanding that is aware of this young potential and attaches importance to investments for young people. This investment of ours is realized with this awareness. As an individual with knowledge and experience for the future, having all kinds of knowledge and equipment in terms of traffic. kazanIt is a very sensitive subject. Thus, we are happy to put our project into practice more physically. I congratulate all our friends who contributed," he said.


Turkey's largest 'Children's Traffic Training Park' project characterized as over 32 thousand square meters of green area and 14 thousand square meters will be made on the use of space. Along with experienced traffic instructors, 140 students will be able to receive training at the same time in the training park, where traffic education will be provided for primary and kindergarten students. In the project, in which the disabled students are not forgotten, the students will be trained on traffic by using battery powered vehicles. There are 3 buildings, an open-air classroom, a playground and a clover crossroad, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian overpasses, signalized junctions, uncontrolled junctions, roundabouts, level crossings, tunnels, bumpy roads, bus stops, underpasses, overpasses. It is aimed to reduce future traffic problems in the miniature city already.

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