Housing Allocation According to the Manager


UDEM HAK-SEN President Abdullah Peker stated that they received the reports that they had received wrong actions in the allocation of public housing (lodging) and stated that they would go to the judiciary if there is no distribution according to the Public Housing Regulation.

UDEM HAK-SEN President Abdullah Peker's statement is as follows:

“Our country has entered a new period after the general elections, every job will be done in accordance with justice and law. When our authorities that govern the state say "LIQUAT" will be highlighted. We say that some public administrators cannot act against the state administration rhetoric by bringing certain titles to the fore in the allocation of lodging.

In some institutions, we get the sensation that wrong procedures will be made in the allocation of public housing. This will have a negative impact on staff while affecting work efficiency.

According to the man, if the allocation of the lodging is made, we will immediately inform the Presidency and the Ministry of Transportation about the situation and inform us that we will go to the judiciary.

Public housing, Task Assigned Housing Assignments The ruler (2) is reorganized and the Public Housing Regulation 6. In the article mek .. The amount or the amount of public housing allocated by the task title can be determined by the competent authority can be determined. Mad

However, the continuation of the substance was ignored. Namely;

Hangi The amount or amount of the allocation of public dwellings according to their duty titles can be determined by the competent authority. In the Turkish Armed Forces, the Gendarmerie General Command and the Coast Guard Command is carried out between the separation officer, non-commissioned officer and civil servant (including the sergeant and expert gendarmerie sergeants) (1) Türk

While it covers all the titles specified for the allocation according to this article, the title of the civil servant has not been listed, nor is it authorized to change the order in the ruler numbered 2.

Public Housing Regulation Housing Allocation Request and Evaluation Article 14;

Ib If the assignment requests of those who are reassigned to the post or for the first time are made within the month of January, if they are made in January, otherwise they will be evaluated and scored in the following year if there is no vacant housing.

I declare that if there is no distribution according to the public housing regulation, we will go to the judiciary. ”

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