Gasoline Park Parking Project is Rising Rapidly

Under the project of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Sharampol Project has been rapidly increasing.

The final part of the Project, Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Underground Floor Parking Lot, will be the green area. At the first stage, the car park that will benefit from the 307 vehicle will breathe. The underground parking lot, which was started to find a solution to the parking need of the SharPol Project, which was realized with the motto di Legend Returning. And which attracted great acclaim, was projected under the ground with the 4 floor.

Rough construction ends

The project was excavated at a depth of 17 meters. It is planned to complete the rough construction in approximately 1 months and the plaster paint and insulation works are continuing. 307 vehicle capacity car park is designed as a park, children's playground and green area. In the project, which is designed in accordance with the mechanically layered parking (pneumatic) system, two times more vehicles will be able to benefit from it.

Car parking solution with green area

Visitors, tradesmen and neighborhood residents will not have any parking problems. The underground car park will be considered as a completely green area. Children playgrounds, hiking trails, sports exercise area, 3 pieces of water pool, living spaces and Republic Quarter will win a new living space.



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