Pamukova Faced Over 14 Years Passed Problems Not Changed

It has been 22 years since the train disaster in Pamukova on July 2004, 41, which killed 81 citizens and injured 14 citizens. While the AKP negligence continued at the end of 14 years, 24 citizens died in Çorlu.

In 2004, 41 years have passed since the accelerated train accident in Pamukova in which 14 citizens lost their lives.

While the accidents continued in the 14 years that have passed since this accident, which came as a result of the AKP's great negligence, 24 citizens died in a train accident in Çorlu.

Making a statement on the 14th anniversary of Pamukova, TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers President Yunus Yener said, “On July 22, 2004, the Pamukova high-speed train (YHT) 'accident' that resulted in the death of 41 of our citizens and the injury of 81 citizens, As seen again with the 'accident' in Çorlu, it continues to mirror the problems in railway policies ”.

“The need for a reliable, balanced, integrated transportation system based on public interest is felt more today. However, transportation policies are in the opposite direction. The current transportation system, as we witness every day, is more unstable, unsafe, expensive and unhealthy. For this reason, our Chamber needs to draw attention to the reasons leading to Pamukova and other railway 'accidents' and railway policies, ”said Yener, and used the following expressions in his statement:

“Railway operation requires a central planning from investment to maintenance, renewal, personnel, training and the construction of new lines. However, BOOZ, ALLEN-HAMİLTON, CANAC, EUROMED etc. In accordance with the policy of liberalization and restructuring of TCDD, which came to the agenda with the reports prepared by institutions and EU harmonization programs, 162 years of railway gains are being liquidated.

In accordance with this program, TCDD is fragmented and marketed, market approach has been adopted instead of public service approach, engineering services and criteria have been restricted, technical excellence approach has been abandoned, infrastructure, maintenance, signalization, electrification investments have been neglected, maintenance workshops have been closed and reduced, TCDD's properties and ports have been sold Employees were subject to precarious working conditions, the number of 2000 on 47.212 2017 17.747 39 XNUMX XNUMX, thousands of roads and the number of maintenance workers on the lines of the maintenance paralegals need to fall to XNUMX.

In short, public service is liquidated by the process of commercial and public transportation, with the benefit of public and community benefits, commercialization of highways, airlines, maritime and railway operations and weakening of railway operations.

However, a correct rail policy is based on other factors such as land, life span, safety, energy efficiency, environment, and public service and public service perspective. In this context, all privatizations, municipalities and third parties should be stopped for all transportation and infrastructure, vehicles, land, facilities, enterprises and real estate in railways.

TCDD should be disintegrated and dysfunctional, political staff appointments and slaughter of expert staff at all levels should be ended. ”

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