Onsen Bridge to Shorten Transportation to Western Neighborhoods

Kahramanmaras Metropolitan Municipality in the scope of road construction and repair work continued on the bridge works of Mayor Fatih Kahramanmaras Metropolitan Mehmet Erkoç, examined on-site.

Chairman of the Western neighborhoods will connect the district of Onikişubat bridge studies together with the AK Party Kahramanmaras deputy İmran Kılıç President Erkoç examining, in an effort to be an exemplary city of Kahramanmaras transportation, he said.


Chairman Erkoç pointed out that the infrastructure of the bridge works that will connect the Western Districts to the district of Onikişubat and the city center continued: in At the moment we are in the south of our city, we are the short route which connects the region with the city from Hacımustafa to Kaledere-Çokran, which we call the western neighborhoods of Kahramanmaraş. Here, our filling works came to a very important work. Here we have a fill height of about 50 meters in width. We have continued to do a part of the road's deck. Here we will complete the filling works and then start the construction of the bridge. Because we need to make way to access the bridge materials here. There has been an intensive work in this region since months. Since the ground is not suitable here, we have crossed this area with a rock and stone fill. Hopefully when we do here, we will bring our district of Onikişubat to at least 1 km neighborhoods. The road from Ağcalı Junction to Önsen is the 10 kilometer, and the 4.5 kilometer when we travel from the other side. Hence 15 bin will be shortened to 10 meters. Hopefully by the end of the year to complete the traffic, we are thinking of opening this yıl.


President Erkoç stated that there were about one thousand inhabitants in the district of Önsen. We're building a city in the Forsen area. Plans projects are all over, negotiations with TOKI continue. In the first place there is a project of 30 bin housing. We will have about 30 kilometers between the city center and the city center. This is a very short distance. Because Ağcalı Junction road is separate with Önsen Crossover 2 mileage, the other point is about 11 kilometers. It is also close to the city center with a distance from 4,5 kilometers. I hope we will have this city in the city. With a great emphasis on agricultural land, a new city will rise on the hillside of Onsen. We say good luck. With these works I hope our Kahramanmaraş will be a model province in terms of transportation Bu.



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