Another important stage in Malatya South Belt Road is About to be Completed

Continuing its works on the South Belt road, which is vital for Malatya, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality reduced the elevation difference on the Kernek - Beydağı line by 11.5 meters down the 2 km long road and built a stone wall above the Kernek Waterfall. The 50 meter section of the water channel, which divides the 100 meter wide road into two, is closed.

Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat, who received information about the works in the South Belt road, examined the works on site. President Polat on the study trip Sinan Çeçen Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary, Euphrates Mahallesi Muhammad Remzi Akdemir, Muhammad Mesrut Turkoglu District Headman, Yamach Neighborhood Headman Hanifi Akdag, Beydagi District Headman Muhammad Hakverdi Sevgi and Hasan Varol District Mukhtar Özkan Oyan was also accompanied.

End of South Belt Road to Relax in Urban Transportation

Drawing attention to the necessity to finish the road of the South generations for the relief of urban transportation, Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat said that they had tried to overcome the problems in front of them in order to open the way.

Stating that the 8-kilometer section of the road was opened, Mayor Polat continued as follows: “The Cemal Gürsel, Beydağı, Yamaç and Kernek line of our South Belt road stands. Other regions were opened to traffic. When it is fully opened, it will be able to start at the junction of the Air Lodgings and pass through Turgut Özal, Çilesiz, Cemal Gürsel, Beydağı, Kernek, Yamaç, Fırat and Çöşnük crossroads, and to the Çşnük junction. On the Kernek - Beydağı line, we lower the elevation difference by 2 meters and cover the 100-meter section of the derma water channel. Studies in this region have reached the final stage. Work in other regions will progress with urban transformation. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to these works. ”

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