Guzeloba-Gursu Line Expected For Years

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to create new lines in order to increase citizen satisfaction in public transportation. Within this scope, the KL21 line started to be transported between Güzeloba Çamlık and Gürsu. Çamlık residents who have been waiting for this service for many years, thanked President Türel with applause.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department continues to add new lines to the transportation network in order to provide safe, comfortable and uninterrupted public transportation services to citizens. Public transport is being strengthened by new routes to reduce traffic density in the city and to reduce waiting time at stops.

Gürsu - Güzeloba merged

The Metropolitan Municipality has recently launched the KL21 line, which will unite Guzeloba Camlik District and Gursu, Muratpasa. Citizens were greeted with great joy as the residents of the neighborhood had long been longing for regular transportation. Çamlık residents thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for their service. The 20 line at the peak times is 30 every minute, while the 21 line, which runs once a minute, will provide transportation between Gürsu-Uncalı-Meltem-Konyaaltı Street-Işıklar-Muratpaşa Municipality UMAltıntaş-Çamlık neighborhood.

The days of anxious and fearful days are over

Neşe Saltık, who has been living in Çamlık for years, stated that the transportation service to their neighborhoods was very happy for them and added,, Now the days are left uneasy and fearful.

'Cause we've been so dirty before. My daughter works at a mall in the center, leaving work at 23.00. Couldn't find a bus. We don't have a car. I'm going down at Güzeloba, picking him up in the middle of the night. We lived in uneasiness under difficult conditions every day. We would like to thank Menderes Türel, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality for his interest and service. Ediy

Bus is passing in front of our house

Ali Tayyip, a resident of the neighborhood, stated that they were happy to see the bus requests being carried out immediately and added, ler Immediately after passing our status to the Transportation Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, authorized personnel came here and took care of us. They listened to our demands and fulfilled our promises. Our guests coming by bus are coming down at stops outside our neighborhood and we were coming and taking them with our car. Now we have a bus in front of our house. Now we have a chance to go to Konyaalti. May Allah bless the President. Allah

We're making it easier for us.

Mustafa Ötkünoğlu said that thanks to the new flights, citizens of the neighborhood can go to their jobs more easily. Ötkünoğlu said, “We thank the residents of the neighborhood. 8 Our transportation started to operate very nicely from July to Sunday and the buses are regularly operating. Ulaşım

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