Electricity Will Be Generated From Solar Energy For Kocaeli Akçaray

akcaray tramway
akcaray tramway

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Park A.Ş. bus station next to the roof of the new service building will be obtained for the solar system will equip the tram. In order to reduce energy costs, the system will produce daily 620 kilowatt electricity for the tram. The tender for the project was yesterday. General Directorate building. The tender was headed by the Finance Manager Muharrem Şahin. The price of 3 million 477 thousand 500 TL for the tender 10 company downloaded the file, but until the tender time 5 company file offered.

Transportation Park A.Ş. Daily 5 kilowatt energy will be produced with the solar energy system that will be installed on the building of 620 thousand square meters. 5 will wish to get more energy from the energy used for the tram. With the maintenance of the system, 3 has a lifetime. Transportation Park A.Ş 30 aims to contribute in the city for years. 25 will be completed within days when the project starts. The goal is to produce energy towards the end of the year.

  • Power Solar Energy Electricity Generation Inc.: 4.100.000 TL
  • Yücel Alaman Doruk Energy: 2.550.771 TL
  • Halil Söyler Nenstar Energy 3.090.000 TL
  • Ramiz Derici Derici electricity 3.120.000 TL
  • İnform Elektrik: 3.380.000 TL

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