CHP Group Vice President Çorlu Train Disaster Resolution

CHP group vice-president Özgür Özel, Engin Altay and Engin Özkoç presented a research proposal to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly in order to investigate the lumps of the train accident and to determine those responsible in the train accident.

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu in Çorlu and the CHP delegation headed by Deputy Chairman Faik Öztrak report prepared by the CHP delegation, group chairman Private, Altay and Özkoç signature a proposal to the Presidency of the Parliament was presented. Research proposal, a 8 July 2018 Çorlu district of Tekirdağ 24 citizens died and 318 citizens were injured in a train accident occurred. The long-term train journey in Thrace cannot be carried out due to reasons such as road renewal.Halkalı 1 May 2018'dan services are also known to start UM said. In the proposal, we recorded:


Çık In the crash, the first rail was derailed, but the 5 wagon was overturned and then overturned. At the time of the accident, the speed of the train was determined as 90-110 km. Approximately 8 minutes before the accident, train personnel, mobile information systems, 'more than the number of passengers' information is entered with the phrase. After the accident, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said in the first statement, 'It was determined that the accident occurred due to the emptying of the soil between the culvert and the rail due to excessive rainfall.'


In the report prepared by our party after interviews with experts and non-governmental organizations, the opinion that the maintenance tenders related to the culverts in the line have been canceled due to the delay of the appropriation allocation shortly before the evaluation of the need for maintenance in the other culverts on the line, not only in the void where the accident occurs. In the evaluations made by the experts, it was gained the opinion that the jobs and the uncontrolled works on the railways were more dangerous. In addition to the ignorance of engineering science during the construction and maintenance stages of railways, non-control is also a serious problem. Even though it has been stated that it has been controlled by road warders and has been controlled by electronic wagons, it is claimed that this is limited.


Even though it is stated that there is excessive rainfall, the Chamber of Meteorological Engineers stated that it is possible to see the precipitation occurring in the region in 7 annually according to the precipitation repetition analysis of Çorlu Meteorology Station. It is observed that meteorology has made the necessary warnings. 7 It is not correct to reveal the amount of rain that can be seen in the year as a natural disaster that causes an accident. It is evident that an organization providing human transportation services has to ensure the construction, maintenance and control of the line by taking into account all the data such as land conditions, geographical features, and weather conditions. There are many questions to be answered regarding the accident. Questions such as whether the corridor, route and short line surveys of the railway line where the accident occurred, whether the contractor firm or the firms' corporate identity and past work experience certificates are sufficient, whether the audit has been done before the accident or not is sufficient. It is understood that this train crash in Çorlu where our citizens of 24 lost their lives as a result of serious negligence and lack of control. In order to prevent these train accidents from occurring again, we offer and propose the establishment of a Parliamentary Research Commission according to the 98 and the 104 and 105 articles of the Constitution of the Constitution in order to determine the answers of the unanswered questions, to identify the responsible persons and to determine the measures to be taken. Tren



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