4 Thousand 5 Kilometers Road Paved in Mersin in 200 Years

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality's transportation and infrastructure in Mersin in the last four years shows the service is overwhelming. The transformation and development winds in transportation started throughout Mersin.

When 30 took office in March 2014, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Burhanettin Kocamaz keeps his word. As a planned development work, the Metropolitan Municipality quickly transformed the transportation of Mersin, 4 year 3 asphalted the 5 thousand 200 kilometer road network of Mersin in a short period of time.

Both roads and hearts were made

Metropolitan roads, 4, 1, which connects roads and hearts by connecting the roads, garden roads, district roads that connects the districts. and 2. Pouring a total of 9 5 miles asphalt, including asphalt pavement and hot asphalt, has written the name of each street in every street of Mersin.

The city, where a great transformation took place with the projects implemented in many areas ranging from transportation to infrastructure, superstructure to landscaping, life met with comfort. Thanks to the metropolitan municipality which brings the roads to the asphalt, which are defined as dı the common place of humanity as, they have been fed to Mersin road network and only maintenance and repair works are left.

Ease of access for everyone

Metropolitan Municipality does not forget private individuals in its services. The Metropolitan Municipality, which makes Mersin more livable for each citizen with the projects it has implemented, constitutes an exemplary city by making the roads, asphalt and pavement works suitable for the use of private individuals. To eliminate all physical and mental barriers and to provide freedom for every citizen to travel in Mersin, the Metropolitan has been able to create a sensible surface flooring of 20 bin m2.

62 km opened new road

The metropolitan municipality, which has never met asphalt in its history, has opened access roads to the villages that do not have paths and has made access routes easy for the citizens. In addition to the new roads, the Metropolitan Municipality, which is in the use of the citizens and continues the pavement works that are of great importance for the aesthetics of the city, has carried out the paving studies of 62 bin 776 m339,20 so far.

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