Van Iran Train Flights Start on June 18, 2018

📩 21/02/2021 21:57

Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, reported the train with passenger transportation between Turkey and Iran will begin on June 18 after the Eid al-Fitr. Minister Arslan, after the feast of passenger transportation between Turkey and Iran will begin by giving the good news, he shared the following information:

“I hope Malatya-Elazığ Express, which is important for our provinces, will be put into service as of today. There were cargo transportation between Turkey and Iran, but there was no public transport. With the train between Tabriz and Van, where we have been taking a break for about 3 years, we begin passenger transportation on June 18, the first day after Ramadan Feast. Our first train will depart from Tabriz on 18 June and arrive in Van, and the next day, it will go from Van to Tabriz. This is important for our country, our region. ”

This train can go anywhere now with Armstrong telling the guests from Iran via Turkey, Van, "This is our train 2 days a week will be operating again from Van Van and Tabriz Tabriz 2 days. There was some information yesterday, let's have it arranged that the first day of the holiday begins. Of course, the public has been informed with a false information when he does not leave the mouth of the owner, he will have started from Tabriz to Van on 18 June and from Van to Tabriz on 19 June. ”

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