Üsküdar-Ümraniye Metro Line to be Extended to Sultanbeyli

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, who met with Sultanbeyliler iftar, will be extended to Sultanbeyli, which started to serve between Üsküdar and Ümraniye.

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal came together with Sultanbeyli at iftar. Uysal, who was the guest of the iftar table attended by 17 thousand people, visited the tables and sohbet did. He listened to the requests and complaints of the people.

Uysal appealed to citizens before the Iftar,. Sultanbeyli's biggest problem to date was the zoning problem. Therefore, many services planned are unfortunately delayed. Now the zoning, deed issue has been resolved. It is time to realize all the investments planned for Sultanbeyli. Artık

Drawing attention to the projects to be made especially in transportation, Uysal said, “We have made important investments in Sultanbeyli so far and we will continue to do so. We continue our efforts especially for the district to travel more comfortably and comfortably in transportation. The metro line, which started to operate between Üsküdar and Ümraniye, will be extended to Sultanbeyli. The subway, whose construction works continue rapidly, will not only be limited here. Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Kadıköy-Kartal metro line will be integrated with the metro line and High Speed ​​Train line that will pass through Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. When you take the metro from Sultanbeyli, you will be able to quickly reach many points of Istanbul from underground ”.


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