Documents of UBER Employees with Tourism Document Will Be Canceled

Uysal said, “Do not perceive UBER as a green light. In any case, as soon as those who do UBER work with a tourism passenger transport document are detected, their documents will be canceled. ”

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal answered the questions about the decision taken by UFT on Transport Coordination Center (UKOME).

Mayor Uysal stated that with the new decision, tourism professionals will be relieved. Underlining that there is a restriction on the use of the tourism passenger transport document provided by the IMM for its purpose, President Uysal said, “It was decided that companies carrying tourism passengers should carry less than 7 people and report the list to the relevant units. In this regard, tourism professionals were rightly on my site. As such, we have eliminated 7 passenger restrictions. Again, we removed the notification regarding 12 hours ahead. Therefore, this last decision should not be perceived as a green light on UBER. In any case, those who do UBER work with a tourism passenger transport document will be canceled as soon as they are detected. ”

Uysal also emphasized that Istanbul is experiencing the busiest time as a tourist and that they go to arrange in the number and hour limitation in order to eliminate the troubles experienced by the tourism professionals. This kind of work will not be allowed. Everyone will act according to the document they receive. He won't be able to do anything else. ”

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