Holiday Gift to Turgutlu

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality on the Izmir-Ankara highway, which is implemented on the road of the Turgutlu Folded Junction and Road Application Project, opened shortly after the traffic is opened. Turgutlu Mayor Turgay Sirin, Turgutlu District Governor Uğur studied with Turan at the site. Şirin, Turgutlu to be happy for the intersection.

The Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa has made a significant progress in the Multidisciplinary Interchange and Road Implementation Project in Turgutlu. Turgutlu Mayor Turgay Şirin and Kaymakam Uğur Turan studied together. During the investigations, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Turgutlu Muhtarlik Services Branch Manager Kemal Iskifoglu, Science Affairs Manager Yasemin Ozay Sungur was also present. President Sirin, who gave the good news to the people of Turgutlu, said: ızı If a mishap is a failure, 11 will open the junction on the lower part of the junction on Monday. Today, our governor Ugur Turan and our coordinator Kemal Iskifoglu together with the latest studies we have examined on-site. It's the end of the paving work. No more finishing touches. These studies are completed in a few days. Company executives are working ahead in planning. What is important for us is that the concentrated traffic is relieved immediately. With the completion of the side roads, the whole project will be completed until the Feast of Sacrifice. Following the opening of the Ankara line to traffic, work will begin on the side roads. We will not be able to pass vehicles in Selvilitepe neighborhood due to security in these side roads. But we will open a point for the safe passage of our citizens. We saw the work came and we were happy with what we saw. Good for Turgutlu. In this sense, I would like to thank Mr. Cengiz Ergun, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and his team for their support in the acquisition of this giant project to Turgutlumuz. Bu

Iz We are happy for our district “
Turgutlu Kaymakamı Uğur Turan said: “Today, I have visited this beautiful project with my esteemed President. May Allah not cause trouble. Extremely beautiful work done. Until then, the project progressed in a healthy way, and I hope it will be completed by progressing. We are happy to be opened to traffic before the festival. I would like to thank everyone who contributed, and hope that they will be auspicious auspicious E.


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