The attention of the train officer saved the life of the little boy

📩 22/12/2018 17:35

Train attempted to take the train at the station, the train was prevented, the Train Officer Omar Gokcen prevented.

The 32714 voyage of the passenger train of TCDD Transportation Inc. of Nazilli - İzmir was about to depart from Cumaovasi station last night on 20.15 lines. . At that moment, Train Officer Ömer Gökçen, who was on the platform, ran towards the door ignoring his life and prevented the child from getting stuck in the door at the last moment.

This movement of the hero's railroad was highly appreciated and once again revealed that children should not be left unattended in the train.

Benzen incident took place in Karabük in February and the level crossing guard İsmail Gök saved the old man who entered the crossing from being under the train.

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