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Infrastructure projects worth $ 2 trillion in pipeline across the member states of the Gulf Arab Countries Cooperation Council create significant potential. 2020 of the roads leading to the Expo 3 project. and 4. A total of 550 million dollars worth of road projects, including construction and improvement of the phase, gives investment and cooperation opportunities to global companies that are targeting the market.

In this sense, Gulf Traffic & Transpotech maintains its appeal as an important center for companies that want to enter the market and expand their market share in the region. The fair, which will take place in Dubai World Trade Center in December, is preparing to host more than 55 exhibitors and more than 130 professional visitors from 2600 countries.

Global companies of the traffic and transportation sector will open up to the Gulf Region with Gulf Traffic & Transpotech. Gulf Traffic & Transpotech, the most active traffic and transportation fair in the Gulf Region, will take place between 4-6 December 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Center. In the Middle East, government officials and municipalities have accelerated their investments in order to develop traffic and transportation infrastructures and technologies, which has focused the attention of both local and international industrial companies in this region. Gulf Traffic & Transpotech stands out as an important event for international companies targeting the Gulf region. exhibition to the Ekspotürk's representative in Turkey, is seen as a powerful platform for new projects and collaborations at point of purchase and supply demands.

Infrastructure Investments in the Gulf

Within the scope of the Gulf Arab Countries Cooperation Council (JCC), one of the most important achievements of the Gulf region in modern times is the growth in the infrastructure sector… Continuing infrastructure projects worth $ 2 trillion across the Council turn the region into an active, modern and forward-looking market. In addition, efforts are underway to establish the correct infrastructure for the GCC member countries, which aim to establish a new airport to provide millions of tourists to the Gulf countries.

Each state participating in the council has focused on innovative projects in Gulf Traffic & TranspoTech for both new roads and bridges and the new airport to be built… With this aspect, the fair offers its participants an ideal platform filled with niche and high-value potential customers from all over the region. Work continues for road projects worth 2020 million dollars in total, including the construction and improvement of the 3rd and 4th phases of the roads leading to the Expo 550 project in the Gulf region.

The Importance of Traffic Management and Road Safety Landscape is Growing

Cities that have grown exponentially in the last 50 years in the Gulf Region bring benefits and prosperity to the governments, while also causing serious traffic congestion and road safety problems with increasing economic activity and population growth. In major cities such as Dubai, Riyadh and Doha, billion-dollar metro infrastructures are being deployed to distribute traffic through the region's roads. However, the prospect of 2020 million cars expected to be on the roads of the Gulf Region in 19 forces authorities to look for new ways to control the traffic flow in the respective countries.

Research by analyst Frost & Sullivan predicts the number of passenger cars in the Gulf region will reach 2020 million by 19.1. The crowded population and roads with high security risks prioritize the road safety landscape issue in the region. Authorities in the regional countries have agreed to reduce many causes of accidents, such as speeding, unsafe driving, poor overtaking and not leaving enough distance between vehicles, and therefore these countries show great interest in technologies that improve overall road safety.

Increasingly Investing in Intelligent Transportation Technologies

Considering that there are around 75 billion interconnected devices worldwide, it is seen that the traffic and transportation sector is developing in line with the technologies surrounding the internet (IoT) of this new communication model. Governments in the Gulf Region are also increasingly investing in next-generation technologies such as IoT, in an effort to keep their economies free from excessive dependence on oil. The Gulf Arab Countries Cooperation Council (KIK) countries, which led the government initiatives in terms of smart cities and smart traffic and transportation solutions, have adopted IoT at this point. In this sense, examples of integration such as solar powered car without driver, in Masdar city of Abu Dhabi there is.

Governments in the Middle East are increasingly opting for automated public transport systems to ease traffic jams in urban areas. Public transportation projects worth $ 106 billion were carried out at MENA. In this context, it is possible to talk about projects such as Dubai metro expansion, Riyadh Metro construction and Hyperloop One connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Smart Parking Solutions Needs Determined

Rapid and significant growth has been achieved in traffic flows in the Middle East, especially in the United Arab Emirates. Increasing concerns about safe and unobstructed streets increase demand for efficient parking management facilities. The countries in the region, which set their targets in this regard, are turning to cooperation with production and service providers for improvements and innovative solutions in existing systems with high investments.

Turkish Companies Will Highlight Their Brands with Gulf Traffic & Transpotech

Many decision makers with high purchasing power prefer to attend the Gulf Traffic & Transpotech fair, which is the biggest event in the region, in order to reach multiple solution sources at a single point. Providing its participants with the opportunity to establish new business contacts and strengthen long-term cooperation with existing customers, Gulf Traffic & Transpotech provides direct access to buyers and government officials. Last year, the fair, which was held on an area of ​​5000 square meters, brought together 55 exhibitors from 130 countries and more than 2600 professional visitors.

Again, an international brand in the past year, traffic systems, Scheidt & Bachmann, Saudi Arabia's Gulf Traffic & Transpotech in the event signed a big deal with a famous operator in Turkey as of the beginning of June to the middle, Superior Inc. and Teta companies took their places.

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