Memories in Ankara Garage will be Under Construction

They say, "Time is a river from the past." In Ankara; The Phrygians, Alexander the Great, the Celts, the Romans, the Seljuks and the Ottomans always existed on the side of that 2 year old river. As the capital of the Republic of Turkey continues its journey through time. In this city, not only of Ankara, everyone knows living in Turkey and there are buildings to be alive: First Assembly, Ankara Palas, such as Cankaya Palace and the station building ...

These days, I have heard of a protocol signed between TCDD and TOKI and the Ministry of Finance. Everybody builds up anxious sentences that end with uy They'll destroy Gar Herkes.

In the foundation years of the Republic, people deserve anxiety when considering the historical 'Republican axis' formed in the triangle of Ankara Castle, Çankaya Mansion, Ankara Station. Especially after witnessing Ataturk Orman Ciftligi (AOC) into a pile of concrete and plastic in front of everyone's eyes…

Roman tombs in construction
The first and the oldest structure of the Ankara Gar camp was the stone building completed by the Anatolian Railway Company at 1892, which carried out the Ottoman railroad. Kemaleddin Bey's signature building was transformed into the most important headquarters of the War of Independence. 19 May 1919'da Samsun sparks the first spark of the War of Independence from Ataturk; After his work in Amasya, Erzurum and Sivas, 27 moved into this building in December 1919. The building was used for two years as the Headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief and the decision to establish the TGNA was taken in this building. This building, which Atatürk used until he moved to the mansion, currently serves as a museum where Atatürk's work and bedrooms, bath and personal belongings are exhibited and known as Atatürk Residence.

When Ankara was the capital city, the need for a new central station was needed when the rapidly growing city could not meet its needs. The foundation of the new gar building was laid at 3 November 1935 and its construction was completed at 2 September 1937. The opening was made on the anniversary of the 14 foundation of the Republic with many new works. The plans were drawn by the young architect-engineer Shekip Akalin. Ataturk's Republic of Turkey grows' networks in the iron, TCDD has grown. For this reason, TCDD General Directorate Building which was completed in 1941 was added to the campus. It is also worth remembering that there were two Roman tombs during the construction of the building. Another building on the campus was the TCDD Museum and the Art Gallery.

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